Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Stuff

Have you seen these Slipper Genies? I spied them at Wal-Mart the other day and totally almost bought them. Just for the hilarity of it all. And also because I'm so completely lazy I thought for a moment they might actually work. Supposedly you just walk around in them and they sweep the floor for you! Sure. I thought I should buy them because I'm a horrible housekeeper... my floors rarely get swept. And all I ever do all day is walk around in my robe and slippers. Now if they made a robe that could clean clutter, I would so be the best housewife in the world ;)
Now, if they would also make some kind of magic hat that would make my two little ones take their naps simultaneously, I would be in heaven :)

So what did I do this week besides not post anything new? And not do any return blog visiting?

1. Was all happy about the teaching thing because it means that the hubby will be watching the two little ones for 4 hours every M and W all by himself! Thought that he would surely gain new understanding as to how hard it is to get anything done... Backfire bigtime. Big fight lasting a couple of days about how I can't even take care of a dog... they don't know how to play because I haven't shown them how to play with their toys... Puh-leese! Baby girl has always been good about playing by herself. She takes little encouragement - and will sit and play with her little people and houses or cars or whatever for a decent length of time. I've spent tons of time with little man trying to get him to play with one thing for more than 5 seconds... He would just rather throw all his toys all over the living room floor and climb into the toybox. Hubby worries about little man's development because his daughter was doing so much more at the same age. And his lack of development is all my fault because I don't work with him on anything and don't spend any time on him.... according to hubby, changing diapers and feeding kids are not taking care of them. I don't discipline them either... mmmm kkkkk. The thing is, I do things with them. I do spend time with them. Just when everyone else is home... hubby does absolutely nothing with the children. If I'm getting dinner or whatever, he tells tweenie to take care of them. he can't be bothered with it. And if I make a big deal about doing things with either/both of the two little ones tweenie feels left out and starts acting up.
Regardless, I do feel like I need to spend more time with the two little ones and work with them on things they should be learning etc... I feel guilty about that anyway, even though I absolutely do things with them when no one else is around to document it... I'd be willing to bet that most moms feel like they should be doing more. Anyway... it was just a lovely argument. And I just adore being told what an awful mother I am.

And apparently, if I was any kind of decent mother, I would have dinner on the table at 5pm sharp. Because the kids are hungry at 5pm every day.

Of course there was much more to the argument, as it lasted about a whole 2 days, but I gave you the jist of it... and none of it was all too pretty.

2. We went to get our taxes done this week. Turns out we're a little too complicated this year for the 1 hour appointment... we have to go back on monday. grrr. They have to research a couple of things having to do with residency, since we moved, but then moved back a few months later - never established residency in the other state - and kept our house and everything in this state... of course it was a whole afternoon ordeal anyway.. then I spent the entire next day trying to locate and add up all of our moving receipts and expenses to get a more "exact" amount to claim...

3. Naps were almost impossible to come by this week. And simultaneous napping was completely out of the question. As soon as little man was finally falling asleep, baby girl was waking up... and of course it just doesn't work with one of them awake, they feel the need to try to wake the other.

4. I spent most of my time mon, tues and wed doing things for the classes I'm teaching. Sometimes I think its more work to teach a class than it is to take a class :) and that just doesn't seem fair ;)

5. Thurs and Fri my husband had off work due to sewer issues there... at least we had gotten over our fight by thursday.

And ugh. Next week is probably going to be busier than this week. Appointments up the wazoo. Taxes again on Monday, then dr apts on wed and thurs... it just sucks that the apts are 30 mins away, so they seem to take up the whole afternoon...

Maybe someday I will have the time to blog for real ;)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy, Busy

Had a busy week. Busy trying to finish the 4th Twilight book so I can concentrate on the classes I'm teaching this semester! Three quarters of the way through. It was a struggle to get my syllabi prepared... I took on a second class at the last minute. I'm excited about teaching of course and can't wait to devote myself to that instead of the obsession of Twilight...

Had to take little man to the Dr yesterday. He had this red patch under his eye which wasn't getting any better. He kept rubbing it and making it worse. Turns out its eczema. They gave us a prescription for an ointment, but it has steroids in it and I'm a little afraid to use it on him. Anyone have any more natural remedies?

I had originally made an appointment for Tuesday. Our regular Dr is always scheduled out for a month or two, so any spur of the moment appointments we have to see someone else in her office. And every single time I've had to make an appointment for something the first Dr they try to make an appointment with is the one who offended me with a few off comments. Particularly a comment about my miscarriage being "practice."

I always refuse to see him and ask if we can see someone else. They probably wonder why I refuse to see that Dr. Anyway, we made the appointment with a physician's assistant there. But then I realized that I would have to get the kids up and dressed in time to take my husband to work so we could have the car... and that idea just didn't appeal to me. Especially when the next day would be more convenient to do that - I teach in the mornings then come home and then the hubby goes to work... Anyway, so I called and rescheduled for Wednesday, assuming they would reschedule with the PA that I was going to see on Tuesday. Nope. And of course they did not mention that when I rescheduled. I was none the wiser until after the Nurse took all of Little Man's vitals and said that Dr so and so would be right in.

I just about jumped off the chair and took off. But of course, I remained adult about it. And I started feeling a little guilty... especially after he looked at little man and made his diagnosis and explained the treatment and everything. He is a really nice Dr. But still, the words he spoke to me months and months ago were just so completely insensitive. They still burn. I was just glad that my husband couldn't go to the appointment with us. He would have insisted we leave when he found out we were seeing that Dr.

I almost feel like I'm harboring an unfair grudge. But then again... what kind of a Dr says such a thing? And every time I see him I am reminded of things I don't want to be reminded of. Things that I can't seem to forget anyway, but made ever so present when I see him. Its like a slap in the face.

I don't want to dwell there.

So let's move on...

I think the nausea is finally subsiding. I still feel a little pukey a few times a day, but not 24/7. So that's quite an improvement. Time is flying by so fast. I can't believe I'm already a little past 17 weeks! Of course the first 12 weeks went by so slow!! I felt like I would never get through to that 12 week mark. Now I'm just waiting for my ultrasound in the middle of February. And hoping and praying that everything will turn out good!
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