Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy, Busy

Had a busy week. Busy trying to finish the 4th Twilight book so I can concentrate on the classes I'm teaching this semester! Three quarters of the way through. It was a struggle to get my syllabi prepared... I took on a second class at the last minute. I'm excited about teaching of course and can't wait to devote myself to that instead of the obsession of Twilight...

Had to take little man to the Dr yesterday. He had this red patch under his eye which wasn't getting any better. He kept rubbing it and making it worse. Turns out its eczema. They gave us a prescription for an ointment, but it has steroids in it and I'm a little afraid to use it on him. Anyone have any more natural remedies?

I had originally made an appointment for Tuesday. Our regular Dr is always scheduled out for a month or two, so any spur of the moment appointments we have to see someone else in her office. And every single time I've had to make an appointment for something the first Dr they try to make an appointment with is the one who offended me with a few off comments. Particularly a comment about my miscarriage being "practice."

I always refuse to see him and ask if we can see someone else. They probably wonder why I refuse to see that Dr. Anyway, we made the appointment with a physician's assistant there. But then I realized that I would have to get the kids up and dressed in time to take my husband to work so we could have the car... and that idea just didn't appeal to me. Especially when the next day would be more convenient to do that - I teach in the mornings then come home and then the hubby goes to work... Anyway, so I called and rescheduled for Wednesday, assuming they would reschedule with the PA that I was going to see on Tuesday. Nope. And of course they did not mention that when I rescheduled. I was none the wiser until after the Nurse took all of Little Man's vitals and said that Dr so and so would be right in.

I just about jumped off the chair and took off. But of course, I remained adult about it. And I started feeling a little guilty... especially after he looked at little man and made his diagnosis and explained the treatment and everything. He is a really nice Dr. But still, the words he spoke to me months and months ago were just so completely insensitive. They still burn. I was just glad that my husband couldn't go to the appointment with us. He would have insisted we leave when he found out we were seeing that Dr.

I almost feel like I'm harboring an unfair grudge. But then again... what kind of a Dr says such a thing? And every time I see him I am reminded of things I don't want to be reminded of. Things that I can't seem to forget anyway, but made ever so present when I see him. Its like a slap in the face.

I don't want to dwell there.

So let's move on...

I think the nausea is finally subsiding. I still feel a little pukey a few times a day, but not 24/7. So that's quite an improvement. Time is flying by so fast. I can't believe I'm already a little past 17 weeks! Of course the first 12 weeks went by so slow!! I felt like I would never get through to that 12 week mark. Now I'm just waiting for my ultrasound in the middle of February. And hoping and praying that everything will turn out good!


Jenn said...

Glad you are feeling better ! Are you going to find out what the baby is ?

Rachel said...

Keep us posted. Glad to hear you are feeling a lil better.

April said...

You have to tell us what the sex of the baby is if you find out!!!
Glad you are feeling better.

Mommy In Pink said...

The 4th Twilight books is simply AWESOME...I miss reading all those again!

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