Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Lighter Side

Or how my boy is learning to use his adjectives!! ;)

I was going to write another heavy post today, but then decided that it's time to lighten up a little... plenty of time for heavy posts... besides, I have to prepare myself for teaching my class tonight... and would I have gone for the heavy, I would have sat here all day tweaking words and sentences and filling up this editing box and thinking way too much ;)

My little man just turned 3 a few weeks ago. Ever since he began talking, my husband and I have told ourselves and each other that we need to start watching our mouths. We both have monstrous potty mouths. I'm not proud or anything, and there's no real good excuse for it (although I have lots).

But seriously, when you have spent all day with a whiner and a fussy sick baby and the husband comes home and instead of providing a little relief: he is whinier, fussier and needier than the two little ones... the foul language flies aplenty. It's hard to censor yourself when you are on the edge. And I'm there a little more often than I'd like to admit.

When my little man went through his big-time repeating everything phase, again we kept telling ourselves that we needed to watch our language. Luckily, his repeating of our flavorful comments were limited and short-lived, while other annoying, but clean phrases were repeated for hours/weeks on end.

So here we are: he's not repeating quite as much these days. But last night at dinner?

Little man: something about the "f*ing leaves falling" "f*ing leaves falling" "f*ing leaves falling"

Us: trying really hard not to laugh - don't want to encourage him. Don't want him to think it's funny or OK to say such things.

Little man: "f*ing marshmeews are good" "f*ing marshmeews are good"

After the kids went to bed: (laughing about what he said at the dinner table) "I've never used the f word about the leaves. And I've never used the f word about his marshmallows!"
"I haven't either" He's learning how/when/where to use his adjectives! Another milestone reached!

Now we just need to give him some better adjectives to use. And try to avoid those that would be absolutely embarrassing in public!


Saundra said...

OMG! We are living parallel lives!
The first time my then 3 yr old son said "Sh** Fire" I about Sh** Fire!

We have since cleaned up quite a bit, saying Dang, Shoot, Fudge, and other not as fun things.

Keep up the good work!

kristen said...

I know it shouldn't be funny when they curse, but for some reason it is. My husband and I have kept the "F word" limited to just conversations when our daughter isn't around but she definitely has used others in context VERY well. OOPS! Maybe we should try to focus more on teaching them when NOT to use these words instead of trying to make sure they don't learn them at all. Does that make me sound like a total loser???

p.s. LOVE your blog!

LazyCrazyMama said...

@ Saundra ~ LOL!! I need to work on some cleaned up versions! It seems we are living parallel lives :)

@Kristen ~ yes, it is pretty funny and sooo hard not to laugh! Yes, teaching when NOT to use the words sounds good - they are going to hear them and try them out sometime anyway. You are so not a loser ;)

Phew: so glad I'm not the only one ;)

Merrie said...

We're not innocent of this problem. I thought I was doing well when I only said "Son of a-" and didn't finish my sentence when my son was three. He proved me wrong when he thumped the floor with his fist and said, "Bitch!"


Aubrey said...

What a funny post!

I didn't realize how much I said "oh shit" until my 2 year old repeat it. And like yours, in the correct context. YIKES!

Rachel said...

it has happened to us all; I tell my little one you can't say that and then my 3 year old replies and says "only you mom"


Darcie said...

This has totally happened to us! We swear like sailors daily and not only can our daughter use the words correctly, but she finishes our sentences/phrases for us if we decide to cesnor ourselves! If I say, "Son of a..." she'll pipe up with "Bitch!" Or if we're watching TV and something bad or scary (for a three-year-old) happens, she'll go "F***!"

I'm never sure whether to be proud or embarrassed!

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