Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lazy Baby :)

Lazy baby finally decided to make an appearance! OK, he was pretty much forced into it ;)
We went in at 7am yesterday morning and the Dr was able to break my water around 8:45am. When we came in I was having contractions, but then by 2pm I just wasn't progressing... having harder contractions, but not any closer together.
So we ended up doing pitocin at 2pm, which really got things going and then we ended up having this little guy at 6:30pm. A pretty short labor in reality - of course it felt like forever when we were going through it! I was expecting a little easier time of it ;) Kind of ironic that the whole time I was afriaid of not making it to the hospital on time (having it go to quick). Turns out I was worried about that for nothing! ;)

Lazy baby boy weighed in at 6lbs 13oz and measured 19 inches. A small guy ;) the last ultrasound had showed an estimated weight of 7lbs 11oz - just about a pound over what he ended up weighing...

We are both doing very well and I am off to join lazy baby in a nap!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Double Grrrr.

Nope. No baby appearance here yet. Can you believe it?? 1 day until my due date. Holy hell I'm miserable! It's been so dang hot and humid here. It's damn near impossible to walk at this point.... but of course everyone says to walk around... really, it's impossible to walk, stand, sit, lay down or anything for longer than a few minutes at a time. Ugh. ;)

I've had my membranes stripped 3 times now! (that's what it took last time too!). At my appointment yesterday I was 3cm dilated (up from 2 at the previous appointment - which was no change from the one before that)...so a little bit of progress there. Been having stronger braxton hicks ever since the appointment. And they are so faking me out ;) grrr.

But the good news is that if baby doesn't come this weekend the dr is going to break my water on Monday! Hopefully. 'Cause I don't want to have anything to do with that pitocin (can't spell it) and 'cause otherwise I'm just going to go insane!! ;)

My step-daughter is here for a month. She came last week. Her and tweenie are the same age (12) for a few months... and they are awful together!!!! Day 2 I was at my limit and ready to fake labor for a break ;) It's completely unreal how two 12 year olds can act worse than a 1 1/2 and a 3 1/2 year old!!

Anyway... that's my update for the moment! Hopefully this little procrastinator (see he's like me already) decides to come on out this weekend!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ugh :)

No baby yet. Getting fatter and anxious-er by the minute ;)

I have stubborn babies. Or I just have an extra comfy womb.

So let's see... false alarm #1 --- check (damn braxton hicks)

hemmoroids big enough to interfere with the birth --- check

water retention resulting in complete loss of ankles --- check

Wetting myself every time I get up or sit down --- check

So much pressure I think the little guy is just going to fall right out --- check

Everyone annoying the hell out of me --- check

Braxton Hicks from hell --- check

As much prostaglandin as I can handle as often as I can handle it --- check ;) (Of course hubby is always eager to comply with that one).

Am I missing anything??

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still hanging in there...

No baby yet. Less than 2 weeks to go now! :) My mom left on Saturday - couldn't do any posting with her around because she was hovering... and now my husband will be home for like the next 4 weeks or so... 2 weeks vacation and he actually gets 2 weeks paternity leave...
So I will post when I am able... Until then, wish me luck! ;)

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Mother of All Visits

So my mom's been here all week. Her journey here started out rough. A friend was going to come with her, but at the last minute called and said she forgot to turn in her time at work. So mom decided to just make the 7 hour trip on her own.

Her car broke down halfway here. So she ended up in a motel room for the night and having a tow truck tow her and the car to a town 25 miles away that was the closest place that could fix her car. She rented a car (it cost $400 and they conned her into their insurance!!) to bring her the rest of the way here... Found out that day that it was her engine... after she'd spent $1800 getting her car ready to come up here. I felt so awful!!! Then there was the issue of the rental car... that $400 was only for one week. She's here for 2 weeks. There's no way she could spend $800 renting a car that's just going to sit here... so she found out that she could get a partial refund if she took it back before it had been 5 days. But we couldn't really take her the 4 hours to return it - the closest place was 2 1/2 hours away. But with all the charges related to one way instead of 2 way she just broke even. Ugh. Felt awful once again.

One of my sisters told her that she should have just sent me $1000 and told me to hire a nanny. I thought that was kind of rude. Oh well.

Anyway, it's been nice and annoying having her around ;) I'm so pregnant pissy that every little thing is bothering me and I feel bad about it. But man, she's almost as bad as a child sometimes. Every time she uses the bathroom sink she completely floods it out - I mean water drips off the vanity - and I'm not exaggerating. Every time she uses the sink she gets the counter all wet. Last night I wiped it off after she'd rinsed some dishes and two minutes later she'd rinsed some more dishes and there was water all over the counter again.

Every time I leave the room she's fabreezing my couch and chair...

She's got a million ideas about how to re-do my house and re-organize everything.

She replaced my toilet paper with hers.

She clogged my bathroom sink.

Ugh. Those are just a few things that are driving me insane. But all told, I am glad to have her around to help out. I just hope I can survive the next week! ;)

Baby update: At my last dr's appointment I was actually 1cm dilated and 50% effaced! ;) Next week my Dr is going to strip my membranes to try to get me to go early. She doesn't want the baby to get too big because of the gestational diabetes and because last time I had level 4 "tear" (which was really her idea of an epesiotomy [which I can't spell!]) Anyway, she wants this baby to be smaller than baby girl so I don't tear so bad again...

I also lost my mucus plug this morning! Of course I lost it way early with both of my previous pregnancies, and I was dilated early with them too... so I'm not expecting any miracles in that way... I also had my membranes stripped 3 times with baby girl!

I am just hoping that the baby will come while my mom is here. Otherwise she won't get to see him for a couple of months.

Well, I will keep you all posted as much as I can ;)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It just Figures!

My mom called and was about an hour away. So I went into the room that I set up for her and little man came and hung out with me on the bed while I put some of their clothes away and tidied up the room for mom... I decided to just go ahead and change his clothes while we were in there... discovered he had peed in his pull up... so I took it off and went to get a new one. When I came back he had peed and drizzled all over the freshly laundered sheets and blanket! At that point my mom was about a half an hour away. At least it was the afternoon and she wasn't getting there late. I had time to get the bed stuff washed and dried by bedtime... but still! I just couldn't believe it! The boy is damn near potty trained!

Little man is doing great on the potty. Of course he has his good days when he will keep a dry pull up all day and night. Then there are still days when he forgets all about the whole potty thing and has a few wet pull ups. But the great thing is that he is pooping in the potty about half the time!

Baby girl has sat on the potty a couple of times, but since we put the two little ones in their own beds, little man isn't waking her up in the mornings, so she's not racing him to the potty... Oh well. It's pretty early for her to be potty trained anyway. And I'm kind of expecting little man to do a little backsliding once new baby is born... we shall see.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Joys of Co-Sleeping

When I was pregnant the first time, I didn't even realize that co-sleeping was an option. In my mind what happened was you got a crib (bassinette at first maybe) and that's where the baby slept. My first couple of nights with a newborn at home changed everything.

First of all, I was so completely taken with my new baby boy, that it was hard for me to put him down for any length of time. Really, people had to ask to hold him, or my husband had to take him from me and offer him to extended famly members. I think partially I just assumed if someone wanted to hold him they would ask. I would hold him through his naps because he seemed to sleep better and longer that way. Of course this was a huge mistake - there is such a thing as holding a baby too much ;) They get used to it and come to expect to be held all the time. I really wish someone would have told me that. I learned to do just about everything one handed.

But back to the point... that first night home we put the baby in the bassinette right next to the bed. But his sleep was pretty restless, and every time he stirred I got up to check on him. Neither of us or my husband got any sleep. The next night we started out by putting him in a small dresser drawer between us on the bed. That seemed to work a little better, but still he stirred quite a bit. So the next night, while paranoid as hell, we opted for just putting him in bed with us without any barriers. I was so nervous about it. I thought for sure we would roll over and squash him or something. But it seems to be a natural motherly instinct to sleep lightly and be ever so cautious of your newborn while co-sleeping. That night we all slept very good (aside from the every 2 hour feedings of course).

My mother and sister just about had fits when they found out we'd put our newborn baby in bed with us. Every time I talked to either of them they had warnings and advice and so on... it didn't help that I was still a little nervous about it. But I just knew that I was doing what worked best.

And then a couple of months later when my sister had her first newborn baby girl, guess what? She ended up with her newborn in bed with her too. Not only that, but she had tracked down sources that either recommended it or said that it was perfectly fine - and she showed them to our mother. After that, co-sleeping was *the* thing to do. And when they discovered that my brother and sister-in-law were keeping their newborn baby in a crib... well tsk tsk on them.

The funny thing about that is I remember when my mother had my youngest brother and sister in bed with them until they were 5 or older. I don't remember if she had them in bed when they were babies though, but I'm guessing she must have.

Before I had baby girl I tried to get little man to sleep in either the crib or his toddler bed, he was almost 2 at the time. It never quite worked out.

Before I had baby girl I was determined to have her sleep in the basinette. That never panned out either :) The first night I brought her into bed, because same thing as little man - restless sleeping that would keep me awake all night. Now I really didn't want to have 2 in the bed, but we made it work. We ended up getting a King sized bed.

Of course this time -- there's pretty much no way we can have 3 in bed with us! There's barely room with the two ;) and they end up kicking and pulling hair and hogging the bed and covers.

My mother is coming to stay with me for a couple of weeks while my husband is away for work -in case I go into labor early. My sister asked her what she hoped to accomplish while she was here (as if she's here for any other reason?) And she said that her mission was to get the two little ones sleeping in their own beds. As if #1: we hadn't thought of that #2 she could actually accomplish this task... A couple of days before I had this conversation with my mother we had actually re-arranged things, got the kids' beds set up and had been using them for the past couple of nights. The first two nights they both ended up in bed with us rather quickly, but guess what? Baby girl will stay in her bed all night. And little man will make it until 6am before he comes and gets in bed with us. I think we did pretty good on that front without any help ;)

But anyway, my mother is arriving today with her whole bag of "supernanny." She's bringing with her a timer for time outs (sorry mom, but we already have a timer and use time outs), and a toy organizer. And lots of ideas about how we should re-arrange our house...

This should be fun! ;)
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