Friday, June 5, 2009

The Mother of All Visits

So my mom's been here all week. Her journey here started out rough. A friend was going to come with her, but at the last minute called and said she forgot to turn in her time at work. So mom decided to just make the 7 hour trip on her own.

Her car broke down halfway here. So she ended up in a motel room for the night and having a tow truck tow her and the car to a town 25 miles away that was the closest place that could fix her car. She rented a car (it cost $400 and they conned her into their insurance!!) to bring her the rest of the way here... Found out that day that it was her engine... after she'd spent $1800 getting her car ready to come up here. I felt so awful!!! Then there was the issue of the rental car... that $400 was only for one week. She's here for 2 weeks. There's no way she could spend $800 renting a car that's just going to sit here... so she found out that she could get a partial refund if she took it back before it had been 5 days. But we couldn't really take her the 4 hours to return it - the closest place was 2 1/2 hours away. But with all the charges related to one way instead of 2 way she just broke even. Ugh. Felt awful once again.

One of my sisters told her that she should have just sent me $1000 and told me to hire a nanny. I thought that was kind of rude. Oh well.

Anyway, it's been nice and annoying having her around ;) I'm so pregnant pissy that every little thing is bothering me and I feel bad about it. But man, she's almost as bad as a child sometimes. Every time she uses the bathroom sink she completely floods it out - I mean water drips off the vanity - and I'm not exaggerating. Every time she uses the sink she gets the counter all wet. Last night I wiped it off after she'd rinsed some dishes and two minutes later she'd rinsed some more dishes and there was water all over the counter again.

Every time I leave the room she's fabreezing my couch and chair...

She's got a million ideas about how to re-do my house and re-organize everything.

She replaced my toilet paper with hers.

She clogged my bathroom sink.

Ugh. Those are just a few things that are driving me insane. But all told, I am glad to have her around to help out. I just hope I can survive the next week! ;)

Baby update: At my last dr's appointment I was actually 1cm dilated and 50% effaced! ;) Next week my Dr is going to strip my membranes to try to get me to go early. She doesn't want the baby to get too big because of the gestational diabetes and because last time I had level 4 "tear" (which was really her idea of an epesiotomy [which I can't spell!]) Anyway, she wants this baby to be smaller than baby girl so I don't tear so bad again...

I also lost my mucus plug this morning! Of course I lost it way early with both of my previous pregnancies, and I was dilated early with them too... so I'm not expecting any miracles in that way... I also had my membranes stripped 3 times with baby girl!

I am just hoping that the baby will come while my mom is here. Otherwise she won't get to see him for a couple of months.

Well, I will keep you all posted as much as I can ;)


Tanya said...

don't you hate when people try to help but it's not the way that YOU want it done & then it makes you pissy. LOL it's ok, you have an excuse, you're pregnant. me? i just do it over MY way, that way i can get over it. can't wait for new baby to get here & to see pics!! :)

Becky said...

girl, you have got alot going on!

But really...YOU are the one getting ready to have the stop stressing on everyone else, and try to let your mom help you out and don't worry so much about everyone else. (easier said than done..I know)

Crossing my fingers for you!

Hattie said...

I felt like that when my mother was here when I had our baby. She took it upon herself to reorganize everything and filled our kitchen with things we don't eat and had to throw away later. Hope the baby comes soon and everything goes well!!!

Anonymous said...

is your mother secretly my mother!?

Aubrey said...

Sorry to hear your mom had such a bad experience getting to your place! That would totally suck!

Ooooh! It's getting closer. I'm so excited for you!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I enjoyed reading your blog today.
I am still finding my way around blogland....
I always love making new friends..

I am posting about Disney so hope you will stop by.
Each comment enters you for the June giveaway.

~~Mel~~ said...

Wow it cost your mom a fortune to get to you!

I hear you on the water all over the place...what's worse is it's not my mother that does that it's the boyfriend....and he lives with me all the time lol.

Merrie said...

Wow! It's funny -- a friend of mine and I were just laughing about our membrane stripping stories. Just the initial shock of pain and surprise we both had when it was done. Yowza!
It worked for me -- I had my daughter 13 hours after the appt, which I thought was a success. I hope you only have to do it once!!

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