Monday, August 30, 2010

Guess What?

What could make things around here more hectic? More chaotic? More crazy?
And of course make more work and less time for mommy?? ;)
You guessed it, we have another one on the way!! Not exactly planned, but in no way unwanted :)
Besides, what's one more?
Ha! My husband accused me of wanting another so I could cloth diaper for longer. He may just be on to something there ;)
Well, this means I totally have to step up the potty training bit with Baby Sister. So, plan on getting busy making cloth training pants this week!

Friday, August 13, 2010

On Vacation Auto Reply

;) I'm on vacation! A real vacation guys! ;) In Colorado for the first time ever. And it's beautiful here! And guess what? All my crazy kids are doing great!!! That's the most unbelievable part!

I am out visiting my brother and sister-in-law, who I haven't seen in about 3 years!! They have a girl who was born 2mos after my first, Little Man. And they have a little boy who was born 2 weeks after my Lazy Baby :) The older 2 haven't been together since they were just over a year.

My sister also has one that is about the same age as little man and my niece. They have visited with my brother a few times since they moved. They usually have an awful time with the kids not getting along. So I was really wary of how Little Man and my niece would get along. And I figured that my kids would totally overwhelm my brother and sil... but guess what?? The kids are getting along GREAT!!! AND: my kids have not been out of control crazy! My biggest pest (Little Man) has been so occupied and entertained by playing with my niece that he has been behaving great!! :)

The only issue with this trip is my husband ;) he's been a royal PITA!! LOL!! But that's typical. He hates traveling, he hates visiting with people, hates being social... etc... But we are really only here because he has to be here - won't go into details about that - but... so he's been gone during the day. So I'm not letting his attitude ruin anything ;)

I'm just so pleased that we're having such a good time! :)

I will be back to complaining in t-3 days ;)
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