Friday, August 13, 2010

On Vacation Auto Reply

;) I'm on vacation! A real vacation guys! ;) In Colorado for the first time ever. And it's beautiful here! And guess what? All my crazy kids are doing great!!! That's the most unbelievable part!

I am out visiting my brother and sister-in-law, who I haven't seen in about 3 years!! They have a girl who was born 2mos after my first, Little Man. And they have a little boy who was born 2 weeks after my Lazy Baby :) The older 2 haven't been together since they were just over a year.

My sister also has one that is about the same age as little man and my niece. They have visited with my brother a few times since they moved. They usually have an awful time with the kids not getting along. So I was really wary of how Little Man and my niece would get along. And I figured that my kids would totally overwhelm my brother and sil... but guess what?? The kids are getting along GREAT!!! AND: my kids have not been out of control crazy! My biggest pest (Little Man) has been so occupied and entertained by playing with my niece that he has been behaving great!! :)

The only issue with this trip is my husband ;) he's been a royal PITA!! LOL!! But that's typical. He hates traveling, he hates visiting with people, hates being social... etc... But we are really only here because he has to be here - won't go into details about that - but... so he's been gone during the day. So I'm not letting his attitude ruin anything ;)

I'm just so pleased that we're having such a good time! :)

I will be back to complaining in t-3 days ;)

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