Monday, July 26, 2010

Still Around :)

Yep, still here :) Just been wicked busy for the past few weeks!! So many things have been going on, I'm anxious to catch a breath here sometime soon! Of course we have one more big thing going on in August, so unfortunately it's going to be a couple of weeks yet before I can really get back on board with this blog!! ;)

Everyone is doing well - it's amazing how fast these little ones grow!! Lazy Baby almost isn't even a baby anymore!! ;) He's soooo anxious to do everything the bigger ones are doing.

And we discovered that little miss baby sister is quite the runner :) So before our upcoming travels I am totally investing in one of those kid leash things!!

Sadly, I've been too busy to do much sewing :( so my "new" etsy store hasn't been doing so well. I plan to hit it a little harder after our vacation.

Anyway, that's a little bit of a lame update ;)


~~Mel~~ said...

That wasn't a lame was a nice 'check-in' lol.

Sounds like you are busy enjoying summer and your family...I hope it's a ton of fun!

Elizabeth said...

Nice update! Thanks for letting us know.

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