Monday, October 13, 2008

Got Socks?

Dear Husband,

No, I do not know why you never have any clean socks.

No, I'm not doing anything with them.

Neither is the washer/dryer.

I haven't hidden them on you. I'm not prancing around with them all over my body while you are at work. I'm not holding them hostage as some kind of petty revenge strategy.

And it's no fault of my laundering abilities.

Seriously, I have bought you socks about 20 times in the past six months. You should have an entire dresser completely full to the brim of socks, nothing but socks, with socks spilling out.

I have no idea where all your socks have gone to.

Maybe if you put your dirty clothes in one pile... anywhere near any other dirty clothes in this house you might have some clean socks? Just maybe?

Have you looked under the bed? In the sheets? On the other side of the bed? Under the bathroom cabinet? In the living room under the couch? Under the recliner? Next to the remote control? Under the keyboard? They must be hiding pretty good because I haven't seen them in weeks.

I guess I'll just go buy some more so you can have some clean socks for next week.


Jo-Jo said...

I have this conversation with my hubby Monday - Friday. The only difference is he adds in underwear and dress pants. Do some laundry yourself hubby! Or better yet buy me a washer and dryer that doesn't take 3 days to do 1 load!

Rachel said...

What a great Monday post!!!

And you offered to buy him more...your awesome!

Anonymous said...

I needed this today! Thanks for the laugh!!!

Carrin said...

Perhaps they are looking for their long lost mates.

Aubrey said...

Sounds like my hubby & his underwear!

Good N Crazy said...

My kids need this lesson.
WHERE THE HECK DO THE Socks go?! My house isn't all that big, I mean SHEESH!

Found your from TMPATTEN!

jenn3 said...

I always wonder where my socks go. Seriously! I do the laundry, so I can't imagine where they go. I think I buy socks like every other week.

Toni said...

hahhahaha love it, that so reminds me of my hubby. I think I will post this on my friday shout outs this week.!

babyrocasmama said...

Oh NO! Another one like me! My husband is constantly needing new socks & underwear, while I haven't had new underwear or socks in, well, a long time. My stuff doesn't get holes in it or mysteriously disappear, either. My undies still look fairly new. Of course I pay a bit for them too, so they should last!!

Why is it men have a thing about socks & underwear? Is it some male DNA thing that needs to be weeded out? Oh Lord help me now, if he says he needs more underpants or socks!

Crazy rants from another psychotic/neurotic Mama! Enjoy!

I have added you to my blogroll (I think I figured out how to work this thing) or I will soon. And I will be back to visit. Come see me, too. :P

LazyCrazyMama said...

@ Jo-Jo: I so wish!! :)

@ Rachel, MamaNeena, Aubrey, Good N Crazy, Jenn3: Thanks :) and now I know I'm not the only one w/a hubby like that ;)

@ Carrin: they just might be ;)

@ Toni: Awesome! :)

@ Babyrocasmama: LOL - and will be stopping by for a visit :)

Amy said...

I feel I need to print this out and hang this on the fridge.
I have gotten in fights with my fiance over the same exact things.

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