Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've had a busy day! I so need to go do some blog visiting and catch up!! I will have to do it tomorrow as I just finally got all my groceries put away after going to a bunch of appointments and the store today... and its just about time to go pick the huz up at work... days need to be sooo much longer!!

So I need to come up with 7 random/weird facts about myself?? Geez, aren't they all random and weird ;)

1. I know why little man loves Cheetoes and Oreos so much ;) I ate them like crazy when I was pregnant with him.

2. I totally ate a temporary filling this afternoon while scarfing down some bbq chicken chunks from Wal-Mart... ugh, that one should probably fall under gross... the weird thing is that I had the "temporary" filling put in Jan of 2004! I'll say those temporary fillings last quite a while! I better get my butt to the dentist! But I hate the dentist!!!

3. I always envisioned myself a PTA mom. Until I had kids. (I joke!) And until I saw how busy my sister is with all that stuff! She does way too much. Really, I wouldn't mind doing the PTA thing or getting more involved in school activities, but we live 30miles from the school and that makes it really difficult.

4. I'm totally loading little man up on sweets as I work on this post. It is keeping him quiet! ;) I just hope he'll eat something for dinner tonight.

5. We have a weiner dog and a black lab. The weiner dog totally rules the entire house. She is also the better watch-dog. Go figure. She also bosses my mom's black lab around when we visit her.

6. I totally love garlic. I don't know where I came about this love because apparently my mother was afraid to use real garlic in anything. As an adult, attempting some of the recipes she made while we were kids, I realized that she omitted garlic from every recipe that called for it. Instead she would shake a little garlic powder in whatever it was.

7. I totally just ate little man's wasted, crumbled Nilla wafer cakester off the table. It was pretty darn good! :)

And now I totally have to run out the door to get the huz in time! So as far as tagging others goes... If anyone wants to be tagged go for it!! Feel free to snatch it up ;)

PS: I totally forgot to link back to the person who tagged me!! Sorry Melissa! So there it is :)


Anonymous said...

The little dogs are always the boss of the house!

Melissa said...

I love it.... I always thought of being a PTA mom too....but, NO!!!

Jo-Jo said...

I would eat that cakester too!

Aubrey said...

You had me cracking up! Love your random facts!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that with me (and my blog!). It IS so stressful, it's nice when other have understanding of that.

Motorcycle Fairings said...

we have the same thought, btw nice blog you got there

LazyCrazyMama said...

@ Yaya: so true!! :)

@ Melissa: :) too funny.

@ Jo-Jo: Damn those people who decided to make cakesters!! :) Love 'em!

@ Aubrey: Thank you :)

@ Yaya again: :) It is nice to meet people who have an understanding.

@ Motorcycle Fairings: Thank you :)

April said...

I was going to be a PTA mom too and then I didn't with my first one because of the comments and looks I got for being so young (I had him at 17). I doubt I do with the second one because of everything that I have to do with the third one. With the third one, I don't know. It depends if it is the same mothers as from the first one. I'm still pissed at them.

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