Sunday, November 30, 2008

And the Holidays Have Officially Begun

Thanksgiving is finally over :) and I've almost got all the dishes done! ;) I think last year the roaster sat on the counter for at least a week before I got to it. I got it done already this year! A miracle. I won't even tell you how long it sat after the Easter ham. I just hate things that are huge like that and don't fit in the dishwasher. I hate washing them by hand because my kitchen turns into a bath area...

Anyway, our Thanksgiving turned out really nice! The girls actually did surprisingly well! There were no major upsets! There was of course the minor bickering, but it was amazingly at a minimum this year. I could just hear them slapping each other every time there were no adults in the room with them. Oh well. I was so pleasantly surprised. And actually sad to see my step-daughter leave. Well, regardless of how stressful her visits are, its always sad to see her leave. But at least she decided to spend Christmas with us again this year. So we will see her again in a few weeks.

We ended up having company for thanksgiving, which was also a nice surprise. We had invited our extended family that lives around here (2 BILs and 1 SIL) and they all were going to have turkey at their own houses this year. I was a little sad that it was just going to be us. But on the other hand, we had never had a Thanksgiving with just our own little family. At the last minute one of my BILs came with his wife and her daughter and two sons. At first I was a little nervous that we may not have enough food, but we had plenty. We even had some of everything leftover. Still too much turkey ;) That happens every year though!

All day, the smell of the turkey was making me want to barf. But of course by the time it came to eat I absolutely made a pig of myself ;) And we all kept going back and getting some more leftovers all night... Then of course it was Turkey stuff all day Friday and Saturday! So we are more than a little turkeyed out around here!

My favorite was the pie! ;) We made homemade blueberry and apple pies and then two frozen pumpkin pies. We had pie for breakfast on Saturday as we have made a tradition of. And I think as of today we still have 3 pieces of pie left. Not for long.

Anyway, just popping in... my two little ones are absolutely refusing naps today. So its been a long one.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Go Vote for Me

OK, so I wasted most of my day entering contests to try to win stuff so this Christmas won't be so lame :)
While I totally hate to give away some anonymity here, I really want you all to go vote for me here to win a wii!! My name will be at the top. Yes, it will be my name as well as the name of my other blog... which I will mention neither here because of my internet sleuth of a husband. So please, if you happen to visit my other blog, never never mention this one or it will totally be the end of it. and probably my marriage too ;) well, not that I've said anything that bad here, but I'm sure he wouldn't talk to me for weeks if he found this blog.
Anyway, go vote for me!

Off and Away

First off let me just say that with the Holiday coming up and all I will be sadly unable to stalk around here until next Tuesday! (gasp!) I hate not being able to post here and visit my bloggy friends from this blog on a daily basis. It sucks. But that is the price I have to pay for anonymity. The really sucky thing is that my husband will have like 2 weeks off around Christmas!! So maybe I will have to schedule some posts or something, 'cause like 2 weeks is forever!! You will all forget about me ;)

For the first time in forever, it will be just our little family for Thanksgiving! While I admit its a little sad, I am actually looking forward to a less pressured Thanksgiving. The past 2 years we have hosted Thanksgiving at our house and my husband's brother and sister's family have come. But both of them have purchased a house this year and want to spend their Thanksgiving in their own homes... The years prior we had spent Thanksgiving (and every other holiday for that matter) going from his family to mine. I really don't miss that. It sucks to have to go to two of everything - especially when you are big crumudgins like us and don't like to go anywhere anyway ;)

And the reason why I won't be around tomorrow? We are making the 4 hour drive to meet my step-daughter halfway so that she can spend Thanksgiving with us. Its been months since we've been able to see her, so I am really anxious to get to spend some time with her. She is a lovely child. On her own that is. She is beautiful and intelligent and wonderfly quirky. But she also has a mad jealous and mean streak. Her and our adopted daughter (who is really our niece) do not get along at all. I think it all boils down to jealousy issues. But regardless, it really sucks. The times when my step-daughter is visiting are really stressful. They argue over absolutely everything. The stupidest most ridiculious things will cause them the biggest problems. I've tried all sorts of things and nothing seems to work. So in that way I'm just not really looking forward to it. And I really hate to say that. Every time I think maybe this time will be different and I always give it a good chance, but it always remains the same. I feel bad for both of them. But I especially feel bad for our adopted daughter. She seems to get the brunt of it. While I do know that she can certainly goad the step daughter on, she doesn't deserve what usually comes her way. They are both about the same age, the step daughter is almost a year older. And here's the thing, she is just downright mean. She still has some infantile behaviours, when she doesn't get her way she acts out physically - she will hit, kick, push etc... And I know that really it is because of her mother and a complete and total lack of discipline at home.

Anyway, so it is bound to be a fun extra long weekend.

The other sucky thing? We can't all make the road trip together, and I really hope we don't have to go anywhere while the step-daughter is here because the car will not fit us all. I wrecked our car with the first snowfall and it is still in the shop. Luckily we have a loaner, as that was our only vehicle. And the super-duper sucky thing? We had just switched insurance companies for a cheaper one and to make the insurance even more affordable (since we totally live on next to nothing) I decided to go with the $1000.00 deductible. How lovely is that? I am just really hoping that the guy who is fixing it can do it for much less than the quote (and I'm totally worried about that because I haven't been able to get a hold of him and he's not returning my calls!). Otherwise we will be completely screwed. We were already going to be screwed for Christmas. I have a couple of gift cards that I got for my birthday last month that I saved for x-mas, but that's probably going to be it. So I've been busy today entering every contest I can find ;)

Man, I'm such a downer today. Oh well, I'm still pretty happy for the most part. We'll see how I feel on Sunday after the long holiday weekend. Actually, I just realized that I can probably do some blog stuff here on Sunday as my hubby will be taking the two older girls to meet the step-daughter's mom on Sunday.

Until then, I hope everyone has a good and happy Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I've been tagged! :)

Hula at My Secret Blog tagged me with this last week. Sorry that I am just now getting around to it!

1. What is your funniest childhood story? too many to count! ;) OK, the best and most repeated one by my family - much to my horror! - was the one about how I started my period in the middle of the night on a family camping trip. When I stood up in the morning and leaked onto the blue floor of the tent, my little brother (who was maybe 5 at the time) shouted that I was leaking oil!

2. What would your dream dress look like if you could design it? I have no idea. Its been forever since I've had the occasion to wear a dress.

3. What weird habit does your hubby have? Oh don't get me started on that one! Lets just say that everything he does in the shower is weird. And gross.

4. How many cookbooks are in your kitchen? No less than 5. But do I use them? Usually only around the holidays.

5. Granny panties or loyal Victoria's Secret girl? I have to admit that I love Victoria's Secret stuff! Of course its been since I was single that I bought any.

6. My favorite memory from 2008 so far is... moving back to our wonderful home after living in another state for 5 awful and horrendous months!

7. I secretly... wish I were a good homemaker. wish I had the motivation and energy to keep my house clean and keep on top of everything.

8. I could really go for...
some kick ass Mexican food! Or at least some partially good fast food like Taco Bell or Taco John's! (which we would have to drive an hour for)

9. We are going to have a big snow storm and you will find me...
cuddled up on the couch watching movies with the family all day!

10. I knew he was the one...
which one? LOL! I knew I loved my husband when he told me that no woman would ever stand between him and his daughter. I knew that he would be a wonderful and loyal father.

Phew. That was a tough one! Now I must tag 3 people.
I tag:
Kelly from Carty Party of Three
Melissa from Life With 3 Boys & a Little Lady
Gwen from Confessions of a Control Freak

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Toddler OCD at its Finest

This week for Mama Kat's Writing Prompt, I chose #4) Write about something that bothered you this week.

While I hate to dwell in the negative... in some ways that is what this blog is for. A place where I can vent about whatever I want. And I so hate to imply that my kids bother me in any way - but to be real - there are some days and some weeks when their behaviours are quite bothersome.

This week, my 3 year old little man has just about gone off the deep end with his demands and specifics.

He is specific about *everything*

Everytime we come home he absolutely MUST walk through the rocks to the back door. If he is unable to walk through the rocks there is a huge fit and hysterics until he is taken back outside and let to walk through the rocks to the back door. Everytime we leave the house he absolutely MUST spin the lock at least twice.

As I was starting this post, there was a huge meltdown because I, while putting some goldfish in a bowl for him (his lightning mcqueen bowl of course), spilled a couple of goldfish on the table. I picked them up and put them in the bowl. However, I overlooked two little goldfish crumbs that had also spilled out. "Put them back in the bowl mommy, put them back in the bowl!" I picked up the minuscule crumbs and put them in the bowl.

Today has been one of the worst days. Everything has had to be just so. His pears (which were really apples, but if he eats them, who cares what he calls them) had to be on his plate in a certain way. He had to have a plate, not a bowl, for his cereal this morning. He whined all day to watch a movie that I could not understand and that he could not point to. Nothing else would do. Everything else I tried to put in was met with "turn it off mommy, turn it off. turn it off mommy, turn it off" until I turned off the offensive movie.

He is out of sorts today because we ran out of the blue gatorade. The red will just not do. Not at all. Neither will Sunny D or milk or juice. Nothing but the blue gatorade will he drink.

He was out of sorts yesterday because we could not find his lightning mcqueen shoes. He screamed and cried both times we had to leave the house and would not put on the Thomas the Train shoes. It had to be the lightning mcqueen shoes, but lightning mcqueen was no where to be found. I found out where he hid them last night - too late to save the drama.

Huge meltdown last night at bedtime because I kissed him. Just before I kissed him he put his hands up to cover his lips and I (unknowingly as it was dark) managed to kiss his hands. So when his wails of "wipe it off mom wipe it off! wipe that kiss off" resulted in my wiping his cheeks instead of his hands.... lets just say I finally wiped the kiss of both of his hands.

Everynight before bed, all of his toys have to be put away. If he spies a toy amiss on his way to bed he insists that I put his toy into the toybox. If there happens to be a toy in the bedroom: "take it mom, take it" and it must go to the toybox.

It seems like all of a sudden over the past couple of weeks, things that are out of place are a complete and total disruption for him. And it is a complete and total meltdown until things are put back in their place properly.

Please tell me this is just a phase.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More sickness, and tiredness and busy-ness

This has been another one of those weeks from hell. Baby girl has been sick for the past few days. Her nose has been in a constant state of faucetness. It just keeps pouring and pouring out! Her poor nose is red, as well as her cheeks and the tops of her hands, as if I do not catch the snot quick enough (and by quick enough I mean within a second of her sneezing snot out) she is rubbing it with both hands all over her cheeks! She is so miserable! You can just tell by looking at her that she does not feel well at all.

And she hasn't been sleeping well for the past couple of nights. Which means no one else has been sleeping well. Except of course little man, who can sleep through just about anything - including baby girl screaming in his ear in the middle of the night. The only way I can get her back to sleep and to stay asleep for longer than an hour is to get up and go sit in the rocking chair and rock her to sleep. So, I've spent two nights sleeping in the rocking chair with her. And boy are we all tired!

She seems to be feeling a little better today, she's actually been playing and she ate really well. So hopefully tonight we will be able to get some good sleep!

This morning my husband was going to call in sick to work. And for the first time I was actually glad. But then of course he decided to go in - so I was a little disappointed. And it figures. Any other time I would encourage him to go to work and he would stay home ;) He must've known that I would have put him to work if he would've stayed home!

I haven't been able to get anything done around the house... I've just spent the past few days holding my sick baby girl :( Nothing makes you feel worse than having your baby sick and not being able to do anything about it.

I'm thinking tonight we will just have to drive the 35 miles and get some McDonald's for dinner. I have nothing quick at home and no dishes done to make anything with or eat anything with. And I'm just too tired to do anything today. Horrible.

In better news, we took the trip to my ultrasound appointment yesterday and everything is looking good! The baby has a heartbeat in the 150s and we got to see that little peanut of a baby! :) Its so damn exciting!! I just love seeing those images on the ultrasound. Its so reassuring.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sick and tired... and busy!

I really wanted to post something today. But my mind is drawing such a blank. Ever been so tired your brain just doesn't want to function? I so hate that. I think that's what "pregnant brain" is all about. Its not about your brain misfiring and getting stupid for no reason (or because of hormones or something) - its because you are so damn tired that you can't think straight! And the nausea. I feel like telling everyone "could you please just not talk to me while I'm concentrating on not throwing up!" ;)

And by the way, you all had great ideas for things to munch on that may help with the nausea! Thank you all sooo much. Of course I won't be trying any of the medication suggestions - I am a total freak about medication. I just don't like taking any. I will only take a tylenol if my head is on the brink of a major explosion. Now that I think about it, I have been popping tums a few times a day - but that hardly counts right? And of course I take my prenatal vitamins everyday (have been almost consistently since 2005 since I've been either pregnant, nursing or trying to get pregnant).

Anyway, my house has been sorely neglected lately. Between doing double bloggy duty, double diaper duty (I will get the little man potty trained someday! Hopefully before this baby comes), and having to go to the store and dr's appointments etc... Days like this: where my counter is overwhelmed with dishes and my dirty clothes hamper is spilling out all over the bathroom floor and I've had clothes soaking for a few days that really need to get washed, and my carpet is starting to get hairy, and my kitchen floor is starting to look a different color... Oh I really wish we could afford a housekeeper. Do I love to dream or what? We are so far away from ever being able to afford that luxury. But if we had the money I would so do it in a heartbeat.

A while ago, on the community notice board at the gas station, I saw a advertisement for 2 girls looking for work - they would come help you clean or do yardwork or whatever you needed help with for a mere $8 an hour! I'm sure it was teenagers who have no idea how valuable such work would be ;) I wrote down the number... but never called it. I just need to get off my lazy ass and do the work. It would be so much easier if I could just keep it up and keep it under control. But of course that is so much easier to say than to do. And one of the things that prevents that from happening? My husband. He thinks that I should be able to do everything during the day while he is gone. He has no tolerance for me doing the dishes and such in the evenings. Which to me is completely ridiculious! It would be the best time for me to get those things done, when I have 2 other people around who can help keep an eye on the two little ones. But just try to reason with insanity... ;)

Especially since my two little ones are still at the ages where they need constant supervision. Its hard enough to leave the room to go to the bathroom... let alone do the dishes or laundry. I should just do all the housework while they are napping, but that's when I get all selfish. Naptime is my time. That's when I get to shower and do bloggy stuff and other stuff for myself uninterrupted. I so hate to give up any of that time for dishes and other awful household chores ;)

I suppose that's enough brain melt for today ;) Now I'm off to do those horrid dishes so I have a pot for dinner! And some forks to eat it with... :(

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Snow Haiku and more ;)

Its hard to believe I haven't been back here since last week at this time :( I've had a busy time of it lately and life has been getting in the way of blogging ;)
Anyway, I'm back this week again for Mama Kat's Writing Prompt!
I chose prompt 1.) Write a haiku about what you see out the window. (if you don't know what a haiku is click here.)

Snow out the window
though its not quite time for it
wait another month!

I used to work for a place that conducted telephone surveys. I spent the time between calls coming up with telephone survey haikus ;) I wish I could remember some of them because they were pretty funny. But I probably lost them about 5 moves ago.

Anyway, I've been busy over the past week with Dr's appointments and having to run to town for this or that... Anytime I have to run to town for anything that just kills my entire day. We live about 40 minutes away from anything and everything having to do with civilization. Which makes it super sucky when you forget something at the store! :)

I had my first prenatal appointment on Tuesday! We scheduled an early ultrasound, so I will hopefully have some reassurance next week! Other than that, you know how those first appointments are, nothing but what not to eat and take for medication and other such information. Too early for all the exciting stuff.

I am horribly horribly nauseous. 24/7. It sucks. But at least I'm not barfing. But then some days I wish I would just barf and get it over with. While it sucks, it makes me feel good - as being nauseous is a good sign.

At least I can still eat. And boy am I ever! I have to eat something about every hour, otherwise the nausea gets worse. When I was pregnant with baby girl I was the same way (and the nausea did not end after the first trimester!) but that time nothing was in the least appetizing. I had to force myself to eat after the nausea set in.

Anyone have any suggestions for nausea? Was there something that worked magic for you? My sister suggested ginger snaps when I was pregnant with baby girl, and that worked for maybe a week, then I couldn't even look at a ginger snap and thinking about one now makes me want to barf...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't forget to go vote!!

I can't wait to vote tonight! My hubby gets to leave an hour early and we are heading straight for the polls! I'm so glad we live in a town with a population under 100 today. Even if the whole town shows up at once we won't have to wait as long as some people will. Which is awesome since we have two itty bitty kiddies ;) It looked like half the town was there earlier when I came home from the store.

And then we're going to try to stay up as late as possible tonight! :) Which means I'll be nodding off on the couch by 8pm ;)

Isn't it exciting??

I'm going to have to take some snacks to the polls. I hope they don't mind if I get a cheetoe smudge on their computer screen. Yes, even in our poh-dunk little town we have computers to vote on! (although, I'm a little leary of that given what came to light yesterday about computers and voter fraud).

Anyway... I am freaking starving. 24/7!! I've never been so damn hungry in my entire life!! Have you seen the movie Slither? It's hilarious - actually a stupid-funny B horror flick. But there's this part where this woman has been impregnated by this alien with a bunch of slugs or whatever and she's all blown up like a big balloon (so much that she can't even move) and she says "I'm so f*ng hungry. I never knew anyone could be so hungry. Could you hand me a piece of that possum?" I so feel like that right now.

Seriously, I'm eating like a Hobbit. I'm eating 2 or 3 of each meal. And then eating when I get up to pee in the middle of the night. Its outrageous. And I just can't quit!

One of my students came into class last night with a pizza, and I almost bribed him with a good grade for a slice. But luckily he offered before I had to beg. I chased the pizza with some M&Ms.

I ate half the groceries before I got home from the store today.

But I'm also feeling nauseous at the same time. Its so weird. I keep thinking that if I eat something I won't feel as nauseous... but the eating just keeps it slightly at bay.

Anyway, I'll just be sitting here eating everything sweet and salty in sight until its time to go vote! Then I'll be munching away in front of the TV until I find out who wins!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Guess I got some time after all

After waiting for my husband to come for for about 45mins, he called to say he was still stuck at work :) so maybe I can squeeze a real post in here after all :)

If you are here for the award, scroll down! :)

So I've been thinking a lot these past couple of weeks about pregnancies. For obvious reasons. I'm comparing it to the last one for anxiety reasons. And in hindsight, I really didn't have too many pregnancy symptoms last time. I was constipated, peeing a little more often, and just a little hungrier. But otherwise, I didn't even feel pregnant. I guess it didn't concern me last time because I didn't remember feeling all that pregnant with either of my two other babies.

But now? I remember feeling exactly like I'm feeling now when I was pregnant with my baby girl (my second baby). I am starving my butt off constantly. Last time, I would eat seconds at dinner, but I wasn't spending every waking hour scarfing up everything I could lay my hands on! And I've started feeling nauseous at night. And nauseousness is a good thing. OK, so it doesn't feel all that great, but it is a good indication of a well established pregnancy. The first night I started feeling nauseous, I was hesitantly feeling better about this pregnancy... but thinking maybe it was just something I ate... but now I've been nauseous for about three days straight! And I'm outgrowing my pants already! So I just can't help but feel good. Of course I'm still full of anxiety, but I know that I wasn't feeling anywhere near this pregnant last time.

It is killing me not being able to tell anyone! Well, of course I told you guys ;) But we are waiting to tell family until we are sure that everything is going OK. I will admit that I did tell my mom. Who doesn't blab to their mom right away? I still can't keep secrets from her. And knowing that she can't keep a secret, I finally broke down and told one of my sisters. It was maybe a week later than when I told my mom. And my sister said that my mom kept asking her if she'd talked to me, so she was thinking something was up. Too funny. And once my mom knew that I told my little sister, she just couldn't wait to tell my other sister... so I'm sure by now my entire family knows. But I won't tell my husband that :) And I actually talked to his sister for an hour yesterday and managed to keep my mouth shut about it! That was no easy feat!

I need to really watch myself though - we haven't told Tweenie yet. Because of last time. She was really excited about having another baby, and was pretty upset about the miscarriage. Last night while we were trick-or-treating I almost blabbed to a complete stranger in front of Tweenie! That would have been awful! Tell a stranger before your own daughter? I so need to just tape my big mouth shut! But I'm thinking that she's going to be able to guess here pretty soon, as my pants are no longer fitting...

The really sucky thing about not being able to tell anyone, is that every time I've been pregnant there's been some reason for not blabbing to everyone immediately.

The first time I was pregnant, I found out on the same day that my step-dad died. It was one of the best and worst days of my life. My step-dad had passed out at home after having passed out at work, they were headed to his Dr's. The next day I took the test at my mom's before we left for the hospital. I didn't want to take the test at home. Anyway, long story short, later that night was when they decided to take him off life support, and he passed right after. If I would have known, I never would have taken the test that day. I just know that my step-dad would have really gotten a kick out of my little man. I know he would have doted over him. Needless to say, we waited a while to tell my family. Just bad timing.

The second time I was pregnant, I was starting to think I was pregnant right after my little sister's dad passed away and she was going through a miscarriage. That was another awful time for my family. And again, I waited a while to tell my family. And then I waited even longer to tell my baby sister. And even when I did tell her, I felt just awful. With our first babies, we were pregnant at the same time, we had our first babies just two months apart. I so wanted to be pregnant with her again. She ended up having her second baby nine months after I had mine :)

And the last time? Well, we told everyone right away. Even though we found out that one of my husband's close cousins had passed away the same day. And his brother had just passed away a few weeks before. His family was thrilled though - with all the loss, they were so happy to be having another addition.

And that would be the down side of telling everyone right away... because then we ended up having to call and tell everyone the bad news. Those were some of the worst phone calls I've ever had to make.

Anyway, I don't know how long I can wait to tell everyone! How long should I wait? 10 weeks? 12 weeks? I'm thinking 10 weeks, because 12 weeks is just so long! I guess I'm already about halfway there - I will be six weeks along tomorrow. The funny thing is that at six weeks along with baby girl was when I started outgrowing my pants! I thought maybe it was twins since I was getting bigger quicker. But I guess after your first one you get bigger quicker :)

Well, I'll just be sitting here eating everything in sight and trying like crazy to keep my big mouth shut!

Damn that Halloween candy.

I mean seriously, it is just astounding how hungry I have been. I've even eaten stuff off the high chair after baby girl is done eating. As long as it hasn't already been slobbered on too much.

Aw, you shouldn't have ;)

I got this awesome award from Carrin over at Carrin's Comments! She is so sweet :) and she said some really nice things about me :) I just love her! And what an awesome award.

And here are the rules for this award:
Now should you accept the award, please follow these steps:
1.Post the award on your blog.
2. Link me for giving it to you.
3. Link the originating post - here.
4. Pass the award on to five more deserving people.
5. Post these rules for your recipients

Now for the choosing of 5 deserving people....

Saundra at And Italian Mama Gone Crazy I just love catching up with her and seeing what her and her boys are up to! And we have so much in common :)

Rachel at Livin and Lovin She's always got great stories, (seriously, read the one about how her Realtor knew which house was hers!).

Jo-Jo at A Mom's World of Madness and Blessings She's always got something going on! :) And I swear our husband's could be twins! ;)

Aubrey at the Fam Five she's just awesome and hilarious! I love seeing what's going on with her and her family!

because her header is so me ;) LOL! She is also hilarious, go read her post here and tell me you didn't laugh!

Anyway, if I left you out, I'm sorry and know that I love you anyway! :)

Darn, I was actually going to post something more substantial today, but hubby just called and he's on his way home from work :( so it will have to wait until Tuesday. Man, do I wish he would just work 7 days a week!! :)
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