Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't forget to go vote!!

I can't wait to vote tonight! My hubby gets to leave an hour early and we are heading straight for the polls! I'm so glad we live in a town with a population under 100 today. Even if the whole town shows up at once we won't have to wait as long as some people will. Which is awesome since we have two itty bitty kiddies ;) It looked like half the town was there earlier when I came home from the store.

And then we're going to try to stay up as late as possible tonight! :) Which means I'll be nodding off on the couch by 8pm ;)

Isn't it exciting??

I'm going to have to take some snacks to the polls. I hope they don't mind if I get a cheetoe smudge on their computer screen. Yes, even in our poh-dunk little town we have computers to vote on! (although, I'm a little leary of that given what came to light yesterday about computers and voter fraud).

Anyway... I am freaking starving. 24/7!! I've never been so damn hungry in my entire life!! Have you seen the movie Slither? It's hilarious - actually a stupid-funny B horror flick. But there's this part where this woman has been impregnated by this alien with a bunch of slugs or whatever and she's all blown up like a big balloon (so much that she can't even move) and she says "I'm so f*ng hungry. I never knew anyone could be so hungry. Could you hand me a piece of that possum?" I so feel like that right now.

Seriously, I'm eating like a Hobbit. I'm eating 2 or 3 of each meal. And then eating when I get up to pee in the middle of the night. Its outrageous. And I just can't quit!

One of my students came into class last night with a pizza, and I almost bribed him with a good grade for a slice. But luckily he offered before I had to beg. I chased the pizza with some M&Ms.

I ate half the groceries before I got home from the store today.

But I'm also feeling nauseous at the same time. Its so weird. I keep thinking that if I eat something I won't feel as nauseous... but the eating just keeps it slightly at bay.

Anyway, I'll just be sitting here eating everything sweet and salty in sight until its time to go vote! Then I'll be munching away in front of the TV until I find out who wins!!!


Melissa said...

Go vote, girlie!! The other good thing about living in an under 100 town is that you will know who won your area before most of us!!

And aren't you lucky that you are able to eat this well during your first trimester--- I was sooo sick that even the "thought" of food mad me heave.

Michelle said...

Ok, my daughters 5th grade class probably has the same population as your town!!! That just struck me as funny. :)

I was nauseous almost all the time when I was pregnant and eating was the only thing that made me feel a little bit better! I hated that!

Love the cheeto smudge comment!

Saundra@An Italian Mama Gone Crazy said...

Our town switched from computers to hand pen and paper fill in the line voting slips.

But, I did it at 7 a.m. and I'm done for the night!

Jo-Jo said...

I have been eating like that and I am not prego!

LazyCrazyMama said...

@ Melissa: yes, glad I can eat! With my nausea last time, nothing sounded even remotely appetizing. So I know what you mean there.

@ Michelle: LOL! I know, my graduating class in HS was 3xs the population of my town!

@ Saundra: Crazy! backwards!

@ Jo-Jo: LOL!!

LazyCrazyMama said...

@ Saundra: I just tried to comment on your blog and there is something awry with your comments! :( I would email, but don't have your email, so I hope you read this :)

garden decorations said...

me too! i ate a lot! now i'm getting fat

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