Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mama Kat's Hoover Giveaway!!

If you have not stumbled upon this yet, get your butt over there and enter to win this awesome Hoover Vacuum at Mama Kat's place! Who doesn't need a new vacuum? I know I do! Mine is seriously biting the dust! With all the pet hair and people hair that poor thing has sucked up... not to mention the mashed in goldfish, fruit snacks, etc... it just doesn't want to suck anymore :(

She's got some awesome videos *and* a seriously awesome picture of herself vacuuming ;)

And did I mention that she completely rocks for the linky love she gave me??


Anonymous said...

I will certainly check it out!

the sits girls said...

Mama Kat's giveaway totally rocks. We're hosting a giveaway also.

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