Thursday, December 3, 2009

For the Dogs

So Tweenie says to me the other day that a puppy would be a great Christmas gift. So I asked her who was going to take care of it and potty train it? Of course she said that she would. Her 2 jobs around the house are taking out the garbage and feeding the 2 dogs we already have. Does she remember to do either without having to be reminded? Nope. I told her she couldn't even remember to feed the dogs we have and she bet me that she could remember. Guess how long she remembered to feed the dogs without having to be told? That's right, not even one day. I gave her until after dinner to remind her. Good thing she didn't bet any money.

My husband has been after another dog for a while too.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love dogs, and love the 2 dogs that we have. Even though the mini-wiener dog rubs her stank all over everything in the house.

But, aside from the fact that I will be the one having to do all the training and taking care of while Tweenie is at school all day and the hubs is at work all day... the hair is driving me to the edge.

Years ago, before I was even close to having children, a lady I worked with told me that once she had kids she ended up getting rid of her cats ~ because of all the hair.

Back then I thought so what's a little hair? Of course at that point in my life I was well on my way to becoming a crazy cat lady. And thought that there was nothing in the world that would ever force me to get rid of my beautiful cats. Then I became horribly allergic... so adios beloved cats, and hello dogs.

And now, I totally see her point. Last Thursday or Friday I swiffered up all the dog hair in prep for actual sweeping of the kitchen floor. Kid you not, I used at least 8 swiffer pads. And then, after a good sweeping of about 1/4 of the kitchen, the baby woke up. It did't get finished. I noticed the gradual building up of dog hair around the edges of everything in the kitchen, and decided last night that I just had to sweep up the hair! Sure I can dodge tufts of dog hair all day, but now that it is footie sleeper time and little man seems to have some kind of paranoia about pulling his jammies up in the bathroom - he ends up sweeping the floor with the arms of his fleece sleepers on his run from the bathroom to the middle of the kitchen. So...

I swept it all into the middle of the room, instead of wasting a bazillion swiffers...

I'll spare you the photo I took.

I called Tweenie in to see it and said "I can make you guys another dog with all this hair!" Seriously, it was at least a jack russel terrier's worth of hair! And that was a mere 5 or 6 days worth.

Next time I think she's going to be sweeping it up.


Life with Kaishon said...

Get out of here! I am so hesitant to get a dog for that reason alone. Pet hair makes my allergies CRAZY! My son wants one so badly though... Popping over from SITS this afternoon!

Always a Southern Girl said...

I heard the same things from my Step Kids re: a puppy. Check out my post on that if you have a chance. Anyways, I take care of "Handy" our Schnoodle puppy. He comes to me for everything. Right now this very minute, there is a big pile of torn up paper all down the hall. He is like a 2 year old.

But one good note is that he doesn't shed. He's part poodle and schnauzer so no shedding. Wonderful!!

Love your blog design. Thanks for you comments you left me today! have a great rest of the week.

Emmy said...

My parents had a short haired collie.. but don't let the short hair trick you, this dog shed like there was no tomorrow! Loved that dog, hated that hair

LazyCrazyMama said...

@ Southern Girl: Ahhhh, must sway them towards a non-shedding breed... but they have their hearts set on a jug (a pug jack russel mix).

@ Emmy: Oh yes, our short hair mini-dachshund sheds like a lunatic!

April said...

My folks have 5 inside dogs and my mom is CONSTANTLY sweeping and vaccuming. It's insane. But, with winter here maybe they wont shed as much!

Becky said...

We have four cats.

I feel your pain:)

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