Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busy as a Bee ;)

Just popping in to say I haven't gone anywhere... I'm still around, just busy as heck!

Busy with my new obsession of sewing diapers and such...

Busy with household crap... grrr ;)

Busy with remodeling stuff -- yanking up old carpeting (to reveal beautiful wooden floors!!), having a little roofing done...

It's all chaotic around here!!

And Lazy Baby is doing some more teething... Baby Sister is up to much shenanigans... and unbelievably Little Man has become more needy and demanding. But that's what happens when attention is diverted elsewhere...

And they are all taking turns being the one not going to sleep at night! Grrr ;)

Anyway... and have you noticed - what the heck is up with all the spam comments - especially on older posts?? How annoying!!! Time consuming to go delete them... What's the solution?? Putting the catchpa back on? I hate having to do that. Double Grrr.


Krimmyk said...

I just moderate all comments.

Susan said...

I've been getting that spam on old posts, too. I'll get comments on 14 posts or more in the space of a minute or two. And they're really random.

So far I've been deleting them, too, but I guess I could consider moderating. I'm hoping it'll just go away.

Merrie said...

Yeah, I hate the spam on old comments. If it gets worse I'll do the moderating thing.

Glad to see you are busy but well! I have a bit of an update on my blog today. Lots of changes at my house!

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