Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Kids Are Weird Part 1: "I WAN YER ARM!"

Oh but they are.

"I WAN YER ARM!" is what my 2yo son screams at me. Mostly during nap time and bed time.

All of my kids have had little things they need to do to get to sleep. My first son had to flick my fingernails. My now 4yo daughter had to twirl my hair. And my 2yo, he's obsessed with shirt hems. If a shirt hem isn't handy a pant leg hem will do (especially in his car seat). I know he's tired when he starts fiddling with his shirt or pant leg hem. He's mostly into the shirt sleeve hems.

Last winter he would actually lay with his head near my butt for the best access to my long sleeve shirt hem. I guess he's forgotten about that now. It was fairly easy during the summer with short sleeves for him to cuddle up next to me, fiddle with my short sleeve hem and go off to sleep. I was glad to have switched to a natural deodorant for the amount of time his fingers were actually in my armpits. And never mind all the pinching and scratching...the kid was tearing my armpits up trying to get a good fiddle on my shirt sleeve hem!

Now we are back to long sleeves and he just hasn't gotten his groove back with it yet. And to complicate matters there has been an addition to the other side of me during nap and bed times. This addition requires some arm for nursing...so every time I have to do some adjusting and getting baby back on the boob I hear "I WAN YER ARM!" "I WAN YER ARM!!!!" Ohmygosh. If I had a penny for every time I've heard that... It started in the bedroom, but now any time he's tired or I'm sitting next to him it's "I WAN YER ARM!!"

I feel like I need to make him some kind of modified "Taggie" blanket that is chock full O' hems!! Maybe that will solve it? Probably not. Somehow I think it's person specific. Thank God he doesn't go around telling everyone he wants their arm!

Of course it's not only my arm. He also wants my zippers. With the cold weather I've been wearing a jacket around the house...Don't even ask how many times I've looked down to my waist to see a kid attached to my zipper at the bottom of my jacket!

I'm not one of those "touchy feely" types of people. Of course I make myself available that way for my kids, because you just have to...but I think I may need to start drawing a line somewhere. I feel like I'm pulling kids off like ticks these days! LOL!!

And I'd kind of like to have my arm back ;)


Helene said...

Oh man, you must be a saint because all that touchy stuff would drive me up a wall!!! Can you just give him one of your shirts to sleep with...or it sounds like he pretty much must have you attached to the shirt so maybe that won't suit him well.

I guess if I were desperate enough I might just get him a blow-up doll, throw one of your shirts on it, spritz the doll with some of your perfume and pray the boy sleeps!!!

At any rate, just keep telling yourself "this is only temporary, this is only temporary"!!

Controlling My Chaos said...

Kids are so funny with their unique little quirks. This is so cute.

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