Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pregnant Brain

It's real folks.

I swear my vocabulary goes right out the window. Can't ever think of the word I need when I need it ;)

And being busy just does not help! I swear we have been all full up on appointments these days. Last week we had the ultrasound on Monday, an appointment on Wednesday, baby girl's 18mos check up Thursday... and this week I had my dr apt this morning...

But with the whole appointment thing... 2 weeks ago I posted about forgetting baby girl's 18mos check up and having to reschedule... well, yesterday I flipped the calender to March just to see what I have going on next month and there is a "1pm baby girl" written on March 25th. Obviously a dr's appointment because there's really nothing else it could be. So at my apt this morning I asked if I had her scheduled, sure enough I did! I must've called twice to schedule her 18mos apt! ???? Ugh. I'm totally losing my mind!

At my appointment this morning, we almost left little man's juice cup. The funny thing was that it was him who reminded me! Just as we were walking out the door he asked where his juice cup was. Glad someone was paying attention!

Last time I was pregnant my husband told me I needed to stop going places myself, he was afraid I would forget little man somewhere... the bad thing was that I think he was serious! ;)

Anyway, I noticed this morning, in my palm (when I was looking to make sure I didn't have anything else scheduled this week that I forgot to write on the calender!) I noticed that I had "due date" still in there. So today would have been my due date. I had forgotten. Just when my due date had been of course. I was just thinking about the miscarriage last night. Its never too far from my mind. The pain does lessen, but the memories don't fade quite as fast. I know it would be a different story if I wasn't pregnant now. I probably would have been obsessing over the due date, and today would have been much harder to swallow.

I know how blessed I am, pregnant brain and all! :)

And seriously, I think pregnant brain lasts until after you are done nursing... maybe not as bad, but still ;)


Merrie said...

I'm not sure mine ever went away...

Glad you were able to handle the due date situation so well. I'm so glad you have this little one on the way, too. Enjoy!

April said...

I don't think it ever goes away. It just gets worse with every kid.

Scary Mommy said...

Ugh, I still have pregnancy brain and my baby is one. It's terrible!!

Melissa said...

So true!!! Although I still have "pregnant brain" and I haven't been pregnant in 4 years!! :)

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