Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tween Drama

Just when I thought I had more than enough to worry about and more than enough going on... Tweenie decides its time to start acting up... big time.

Well, I've been busy with the two little ones being horribly sick for the past 2 weeks now. And then last weekend the rest of us starting getting sick... me first, then hubby, and then tweenie. Of course she's didn't want that to interfere with her going to school and I didn't keep her home from the beginning as I should have... she didn't seem to have it as bad as the rest of us, but then again it started out pretty mild and after a few days got lots worse...

Anyway, so for starters, on Wednesday she came home wearing pajama pants. Now I realize its not that big of a deal, kids are wearing them to school... but she has asked several times before and I have told her that she is not allowed to wear pajama pants to school. It just looks trashy, and I won't have her going to school looking trashy!

I always check her clothes out in the morning to make sure what she is wearing is appropriate. She had on jeans when she left for school on Wednesday. When she came home in pajamas I said "did you wear those to school?"
"Oh no," she says "I had them on under my jeans and I got hot, so I had to take my jeans off"

Apparently, she had forgotten to put her jeans back on before getting off the bus. Yes, she's sneaky, but hasn't yet got the complete smarts to stick it out and not get caught...

Boy did I want to ream her, but I sent her to her room and waited until I calmed down to talk to her. And then I just told her how disappointed I was in her because she knows the rules. She's been told before that she cannot wear pjs to school... we had been trusting her with more responsibilities and priviledges, and now I was going to have to start checking under her clothes to make sure she's not sneaking stuff she's not supposed to be wearing to school. Grrrr.... I just grounded her from the computer for a week.

She was fine about it, didn't even start crying as usual...

Then with this whole Swine flu thing going on and her being sick with the flu, we decided that we should really be keeping her home. Especially since her congestion and cough seemed to be getting worse. While, it is most likely not the swine flu, there were students from the community college where I (and hubby) teach that went to Mexico for Spring Break. One of them actually being in my class. The two little ones were the first to get sick, but still... you really just don't know for sure. So when we told her that we were going to keep her home since she was sick she got upset and started crying. She said she *had* to go to school on Friday because they were doing rehearsal for the band concert on Tuesday. We told her that if she was still sick she couldn't go. And when I called her school on Friday, they told me that if she has any flu symptoms that we need to keep her out for 7 days.

Anyway, so what does Tweenie do to "show" us? She got up in the middle of the night on Thursday and flushed her glasses down the toilet!!!

Friday morning when I woke her up she took forever to come down. She came down to go to the bathroom and started going back upstairs - I asked if she was feeling OK and she said that she just had to go find her glasses... she put them on her dresser when she went to bed and couldn't find them... she was up there "looking" for about 30 minutes when we went up to help her look for them. They were nowhere.

My husband immediately said that he thought she flushed them because the toilet was flushing funny. I said, "No, she wouldn't have done that"

After scouring her room, we told her that she had 10 minutes to think about what happened to her glasses and if she didn't come clean about it that she wasn't going to summer camp.

10 minutes later she came down and said that "they must've falled down the toilet" when she got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

I just can't imagine why she would think of doing such a thing!?!?!? What did she think was going to happen? When I asked her that she said she thought she would just be grounded for a long time. Apparently, grounding doesn't work.

I asked her how she thought she was going to be able to read her sheet music to play in the band concert. She said she hadn't thought about it. I guess she showed us! The soonest I could get her in for an eye appointment is next Friday.

Of course if we are able to recover her glasses we'll clean them up good and she'll have to wear them. But my husband has been too sick to go through the hassle of taking the toilet off... We made her reach down to see if she could feel them. (which she no doubt did not think would happen!)

Lucky for her she fessed up and still gets to go to summer camp. So we did the next worse thing in her book as punishment - we deleted her myspace account. Through the whole ordeal that was the only thing she cried about. Maybe next time she thinks about doing something like that she will think it through a little better.

I just still can't believe she did something like that. I never would have imagined doing something like that!


Becky said...

Oh my.

Things are very busy at your house!

I bet the myspace thing will get through to her!!!

April said...

OMG! Flushing her glasses? Really? Besides money you might have to dish out (whick kids think grow on trees) how was that suppose to "show you"?
You sure got a lot on your plate. I hope yall get to feeling better SOON!

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