Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wee Loves to Potty!

It's time again for Potty Time Tuesdays, hosted by Healthy Moms!

Well, Little Man is doing about the same: he had his good potty days and the days where he kind of forgets about the whole going on the potty thing except for in the mornings, naptime and bedtime (he's realized he can really prolong naptime and bedtime by taking excessive time on the potty!). But over the past week he has done #2 in the potty several time! Of course he's still more often than not, going in his pull up, but it's still wonderful progress in my book! :)

But the amazing thing is that Baby Girl has gone potty in the potty chair every single morning for almost a week now!! And she totally gets the whole M&M thing ;) This morning after she went she totally ran right over to the potty M&M jar and demanded her reward!

She will come to the potty every time that Little Man does, but so far the only time she's gone is first thing in the morning. But still it's quite an accomplishment :)


Anonymous said...

You just reminded me I have to start potty training the 2 year old i nanny for. She should be easy. (Let's hope)

~~Mel~~ said...

See you WILL have 2 kids potty trained at the same time lol.

Aubrey said...

It sounds like things are still going pretty well! Hang in there! It is going to happen soon!

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