Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just How Crazy Am I?!?

Very. We are travelling. Yes, loading up the 4 kids (one of which is a mere 5 weeks old!) and dog and taking an 8 hour road trip. I am completely nuts! But #1: I promised my mom we would visit after the baby was born. She came up to spend a couple of weeks with me while my husband was out of town for work before the baby was born. #2: A bunch of my friends who have met up on facebook are having a reunion this weekend.

I almost cancelled out a couple of times... but I know that #1: my mom will be really upset with me, and #2: I'll regret it if I don't go. Even though I look like hell and will impress no one... I am not quite yet back into my normal pre-pregnancy #3 clothes = I will *never* make it back into my pre-pregnancy #1 clothes = so I will be living in the one nursing shirt that's a little too tight in the middle, but still better than a maternity shirt (or regular xxl shirt) that will show off my bulging belly while nursing.. and can't decide whether I should wear my too tight regular shorts or the large maternity shorts that hopefully won't fall off while I'm chasing the toddlers around.

Anyway, back to the road trip part.

We actually took a 2 hour road trip on Sunday - pretty much just to get out of the house for a while. We even hooked up the dvd player (which worked some major magic on the 9 hour road trip we took quite a few months ago). The dvd player worked a little magic this time. But still in the 4 hour round trip... there were close to 10 meltdowns.... the problem now is that Little Man and Baby Girl are sitting too close to each other. They won't leave each other alone. Or I guess I should say that Baby Girl will not keep her mean little hands off of Little Man, who is the biggest drama queen ever!!

Our road trip was full of "waaaa, baby scratched me! waaaa, baby sister pulled my hair! WAAA, baby sister took my juice!"

I was beating my head on the dashboard.

My husband was totally losing his patience.

I was imagining 8 hours of this. And really thinking of cancelling the trip.

I totally need a minivan. But sadly we are stuck with our gas guzzling SUV, that just doesn't have enough room. We made a huge mistake in that purchase, and it's times like this that I absolutely regret that purchase. Well, I also regret it every time we go to the grocery store and have to squeeze all of the groceries in around all the kids...

I am seriously considering moving the car seats, but that would mean that either Little Man or Baby Girl would have to sit next to Lazy Baby, and I just don't trust either one of them to keep their hands off Lazy Baby. It won't work to put the car seats on the side seats because then we wouldn't be able to get to the car seat in the rear seat... grrr...

Anyway... I just hope the trip is worth it. I know it will be worth it to my family, as they are all very anxious to meet Lazy Baby.


April said...

Good luck Mama! You're gonna need it!

Becky said...

Can you put it off till the baby gets a little older??

Just a thought...

~~Mel~~ said...

Wow 8 hours and 4 kids...OMG...crazy! But you will get through it...I hope you have a great visit with friends and family.

anymommy said...

May you survive. Wishing you nice long naps during the drive!

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