Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Love My Kids

Have I said that lately? Probably not. I've been too busy complaining.

Right now Little Man is being so sweet. Baby sister grabbed all the blankets from her bed and is play sleeping in the middle of the living room and Little Man is tucking her in and piling stuffed animals on her. Now that is some sweetness.

Lazy Baby is busy mouthing the fire truck Little Man gave him. I am loving his new found ability to entertain himself for 5 or so minutes at a time. He just loves being in on all the action. His favorite thing is to just sit in the middle of the living room floor and watch everything going on around him. I brought out the playpen, but he doesn't do as well in there. Probably because it feels like a cage. I got him a walker for Christmas (we have no stairs to worry about), but he also feels a little too contained in that. He might get better with the walker once his little short legs can reach the ground ;) He's almost 7 mos, and the walker says age 4mos and up. But I doubt they account for short leg babies ;) Lazy Baby does have some brains though, he figured out fairly quickly that if he leans all the way over to one side he can reach the ground with one tip-toe. But he can only move it backwards a smidgen. Not as fun for him as I hoped it would be. But what is really? ;) How many toys have we bought that we thought would entertain our little ones for hours on end, only to have them tossed aside for a paper towel roll or a romp in the empty toy box? Seriously, I have totes and XXL ziplock bags and boxes full of abandoned toys. I hate to part with them.

Sometimes Little Man will follow me to the kids' bedroom and rummage through the abandoned toy lot and pull something out. And he'll actually play with it for a while. And I get to recycle all the baby toys at least once more here. I need to go dig out some stuff for Lazy Baby, he's really getting into playing with stuff now. After he cycles through all the toys I need to either have a yard sale or start giving them away! I'm such a hoarder though ;)


Becky said...

Don't you love it when everything comes together so nicely and you can sit back and look at all you are blessed with :)

Helene said...

Yes, enjoy those moments because they are few and far between...or that just may be here at my house.

I have a terrible time parting with old toys but we recently gave a bunch to Goodwill. I kept saying to Tim, "But they may play with that again..." and he was like, "Kiss it goodbye".

One of my mom's friends actually saved a bunch of her kids' toys and now that her kids have their own kids, they play with the old toys all the time when they visit her. How cool is that? To play with some of the same things that your own mom played with when she was little!

~~Mel~~ said...

I'm so glad lazy baby is giving you a bit of a break these days! Hopefully he can get moving in that walker soon.

Anonymous said...

I know. The family I nanny for are millionaires. Their kids have every toy imaginable. Yet, they prefer laundry baskets and cups and bowls to play with!

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