Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Clown Car

When you have a bunch of kids, sometimes you are reminded of the clown car. Although, most likely you remind other people of the clown car... especially when loading all your kids into/onto a grocery cart in the parking lot... or packing all your kids and groceries into the car like a can of sardines ;)

The other morning I was reminded of a clown car when everyone climbed into our bed.

We co-slept with Little Man and Baby Sister until last summer. Little Man was almost 4 and Baby sister was almost 2. There was just no way we would all fit with an additional baby. It was a tight squeeze with a king size bed and two toddlers! Someone was always kicking someone or hogging the blankets... So at the beginning of the summer we drug out the toddler beds and put them in the "2nd living room" right off of our bedroom. (Sadly we have to keep the 2 back bedrooms closed off in the winter until we get new windows and floors and get the rooms better insulated - we just can't afford to heat them. I'm determined to do something about that this summer!).

Baby Sister took to the new sleeping arrangement like an old pro. She slept in her new bed all night. And will only come into our bed if she's sick.

Little Man, on the other hand, took at least 2 weeks to quit coming into our bed in the middle of the night. Each night he lasted a little longer, until he wasn't coming in until 6-6:30am. And he's still kind of at that point.

It's not too bad most of the time. Usually he just slips into bed and cuddles up and goes back to sleep until it's time to get up. But there are days where he climbs into bed and starts talking...and talking...and talking...

And then there are days when he wakes Baby Sister up on the way to our bed. He climbs in on the side with me and Lazy Baby, and then Baby Sister comes in towing at least one, if not 2 or 3 of her baby dolls and climbs up into the middle... The other morning, our bed contained: Mom, Dad, Little Man, Lazy Baby, Baby Sister and 3 nappy head Dora dolls. Two of which are clickity-clackity mermaids and one is a noisy eye-fluttery sleepytime Dora.

By the time her Dori are situated, there's no room for any movement without injury. And that's Lazy Baby's cue for immediate nursing required. I have to carefully maneuver slightly this way and that until we have the right position...which causes everyone else to have to shift... ;) That's when you just have to call it quits and get up! :) Yes, even if it is a weekend.


Christie Lanning said...

Who knew that such small people could be so effective at taking up such a large amount of space?

Hattie said...

With all that going on how are you not a sleep deprived mommy monster!? I have to get my sleep or no one better talk to me or bother me! I might bight your head off! Ha!

~~Mel~~ said...

Wow that sure is alot of kiddos in the bed! It's a wonder anyone gets any sleep in your house!

Becky said...

That is why We have a King Size bed, LOL!

Hattie said...

One more thing...I left you an award on my blog!

Hope you have a great weekend & a little sunshine!!!

April said...

Way to many people for me. Every once in a while we will let one kid sleep with us. We actually have a twin bed in our room so when they try and crawl in our bad at night I can just send them there. Sometimes though, Toot is sneaky and sleeps at the bottom of our bed (kinda like dogs do).

Christie said...

Come by my blog on Monday AM, I have an award for you. It's very pretty.

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