Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Diapers and Covers!

Just thought I would post some pics of the diapers and covers I've made... Diaper sewing is so completely addictive!! I just wish I had more time! I've made maybe 5 or 6 that I haven't posted pics of, but this is pretty much all I've had time to make in the past 3 mos!!

A Rita's Rump Pocket diaper for Lazy Baby :) Love the doggies! Have one more cut out waiting to be sewn! I made one with clouds for Baby Sister.

This is the first wool shorties that I knit! I love the colors! But they are a little small and a little on the thin side - great for daytime, but will be knitting a bigger pair!

This is another Rita's Rump pocket diaper, but it's fleece inside and out, so it doesn't need a cover. Except the fancy printed fleece is much thinner than the plain pink fleece on the inside, so I have to use it inside out :(

Same deal with this one I made for Lazy Baby - thinner printed fleece on the outside. He's not as heavy a wetter as Baby Sister, so this one works OK without flipping it inside out... just have to make sure to change him after one wetting.

This was my first pair of recycled sweater longies! I love the colors! Of course I made the mistake of going for my fanciest sweater first... I call them "frankenpants." They are made out of wool sweater sleeves. While reading the pattern it said to measure the inseam and make a knick then split the seam of the arms up... well, I'm such a moron! Instead of making the knick up the seam I did it across!! So then I had to mend up the places where I knicked :( I was so disappointed! ;) And then I ended up having to add more to the waist twice! Really botched these. But she still wears them around the house all the time!

This was my first "bum sweater"!! I LOVE this pattern, super easy! They don't look like much without a baby butt in them ;) they are soooo much cuter in action! These are my absolute favorite!!

This is the first fitted pocket diaper I made with velcro closures.

Another Rita's Rump AI2 pocket using ultra cuddle fleece!! The ultra cuddle fleece is awesome!! So soft and cuddly! And its a nice thick fleece, so is pretty water resistant!

This one is my second favorite (second to the gray bum sweater above!) It's a skirtie soaker I made for Baby Sister with Ultra Cuddle Fleece!! She LOVES it! :)

So that's what I've been up to lately - obsessively trying to find the time to sew between all the diaper changes!!!


~~Mel~~ said...

You have been a busy girl! I love each and everyone of your creations...very unique and adorable!

Letherton said...

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Thanks :)


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