Friday, March 13, 2009

Let's Take a Nap!

Well, I somewhat followed April's advice from my last post.

Yesterday, I put little man down for his nap as usual. And I turned everything off except for the radio (turned down)... and of course, he got out of bed and came to lay on the couch. He was being quiet, and I just didn't have time yesterday to do the whole lay him back down 20 times thing, as I was busy figuring out mid-term grades for my students that had to be turned in today...

And wouldn't you know it... 10 minutes later he was crashed out! No fight!! I guess my philosophy from now on is going to be, as long as he's being quiet I'm just going to leave him alone! :)

And yesterday, I not only finihsed figuring my mid-term grades for 35 students, but also cleaned the bathroom and got the dishwasher unloaded! ;)

Things with baby girl were going pretty good up until last night. 4 or 5 nights in a row she went to sleep in the playpen without major fuss. The first night she fussed a little, then laid down and went to sleep. The next few nights we had to evacuate the living room and turn everything off because she was crying and getting mad. Last night... she was crying and fussing so we turned everything off again and evacuated the living room... but she kept it up. She got progressively more hysterical and ended up working herself up so much that she threw up all over in her playpen!! Score for baby girl. Will have to start from scratch again tonight... Grrr.

In other news, Tweenie is attending her first school dance tonight! Its a St. Patrick's day dance, not one of the big deal ones (I don't think those start until HS and she's only in 6th grade). She's been asking about it for a couple of weeks now, and I've put off giving her an answer... I finally told her to ask dad the other night. I just wasn't sure whether we should let her go or not. Neither of us went to a dance until 7th grade... Of course when she first started mentioning it I was thinking, new dress and all that, but of course its just a casual dance. If they wore green they got a discount on the admission... Anyway, to make it easier for us to say yes she begged a ride home from a girl she rides the bus with. I called her mother to make sure it was OK last night and finally told Tweenie she could go. She was so happy and giddy all night! She even took a shower without having to be told! And this morning I could hear her singing in the bathroom while she was getting ready for school! :) It feels good to do something that makes her happy. Maybe if we let her do things like that more often she will change her attitude.


Anonymous said...

Awe, you just made her entire weekend!

Jo-Jo said...

Maybe if she is interested in going out more she will be more interested in taking a shower! LOL!

Melissa said...

I do the exact thing with my 3 year old.... I tell her she can lay on the couch, quietly watch a program and close her eyes...OR she has to go to her bed for a nap. 90% of the time, she falls asleep fight!!
I don't care what people think about it-- it works!!

April said...

It made my life so much easier doing it this way. Glad it worked and hope it still is.

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