Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Speaking of Potty Issues...

So far potty training little man is going pretty well! He is about 3 1/2, and we had a "trial" start several months ago, but he must not have really been ready, and I was pretty lazy about it.

I just wasn't (and still am not) ready to go all out and put my furniture and carpets at risk ;) I don't want to spend my days cleaning pee off of everything - so...

We were managing OK the first time we tried. If I got him to the potty he would always go. He would never initiate it though. Then one day I caught him mid-poop and scooped him up and took him to the potty chair. Major trauma. After that, every time I would ask if he had to go to the bathroom he would say "maybe tomorrow" or "maybe later." And if I tried to force it, he would get upset. So I left off for a while. I thought I would wait until the summer or at least warmer weather and let him run around naked, I'd heard a few people say that worked well..

But then the husband got on my case about him not being potty trained. So I started talking to little man about it every time I changed his pull-up. I was halfway thinking about just putting him in underwear and seeing if that worked (a few people also suggested this method). But then again, the thought of having to clean up... not appealing.

Last week I started telling him that he could get a treat (his favorite candy bar in mini sizes) if he used the potty chair. Nothing the first day. Then the second day, after telling him everytime I changed his pull-up... out of nowhere he said "I can go potty and get a kitty-kat" and ran to the bathroom and went!

But then later that night I started reconsidering the treat method... It was bedtime, and he had obviously just gone potty in his pull-up when he wanted some candy. He said again "I can go potty and get a kitty-kat" and ran to the bathroom. We sat there forever. He was bound and determined to go. After 30mins I tried to get him off the potty chair. "NO! I GO POTTY AND GET KITTY-KAT!" He cried and cried and got all worked up. And I felt so awful. Of course I didn't give in and give him one, he didn't go. And that would have defeated the whole purpose.

The next day, as soon as he woke up he remembered and said "I go potty and get a kitty-kat." And he went. And he did this all day, every time he had to go to the bathroom! He only went in his pull-up at naptime! He did this for 2 days straight! I thought it was quite the success.

Then, the next day... 2 things happened. #1 he pooped in the potty!!! I couldn't believe it. He said he had to go and was in there forever. When I went to check on him he said he pooped, but I assumed he meant pee (for some reason he says he pooped when he has peed). So I was so surprised to see he actually pooped! I've heard that boys are hell to get to poop in the potty.
So anyway, #2 he got up at naptime and said he had to go potty and get a kit-kat. Well he went. My husband was on vacation and at home, and said that little man had to wait until he woke up from his nap to get his candy for going potty. After that he went in his pull-up until bedtime. I was really pretty upset about it. But I'm not going to go against my husband in front of the children like that. So... grrr... Was re-thinking the whole treat method yet again. And I was feeling all bad about it again. I don't care if it was naptime. I would have given it to him. You have to be consistent with these things. You just can't make a promise like that and then change the rules.

Then to make matters worse, the very next day my husband declares that little man is getting too many treats and now he has to go potty 3 times before he can get his candy. He did make a little chart and put it up in the bathroom and explain it to little man. I'm just not sure he really gets it. Well, its apparent he doesn't get it when the first two times he peed the next day he wanted his kit-kat and was really disappointed and threw a fit when we tried explaining to him that he would have to go potty 2(1) more time(s). He finally managed to go 3 times (after going several times in his pull-up). But the days prior he was going at least 5 times in the potty, and his pull-up was dry almost all day.

I guess we'll give it a few more days and see if he gets it or see whether it has deterred him from his progress...

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ModernMommy said...

hmmm...I would really try and talk to your hubby about the whole treat thing. Rewards and punishments need to be an immediate thing because kids that age just don't have the same memory as we do. If he really wants him to be potty trained that badly then a couple of weeks of treats might not be so bad.
Another thing you could try is just giving him 1 chocolate chip or 1 m&m each time he goes and then up it to 2 when he poops. That way he is not getting very much sugar every time.
I have also heard of parents who only give treats/rewards when they keep their pull ups dry.
I've heard if you just let them run around naked or put them in underwear they learn much quicker. It might be messy for a while but should be short lived.
Good Luck!

~~Mel~~ said...

It was so great to read about the success and then quite the downer when your hubby changed the rules!

If your husband is dead set that he's getting too many treats than perhaps a sticker for the other 2 times and then the 3rd he gets the treat? Just a thought.

~~Mel~~ said...

It was so great to read about the success and then quite the downer when your hubby changed the rules!

If your husband is dead set that he's getting too many treats than perhaps a sticker for the other 2 times and then the 3rd he gets the treat? Just a thought.

Gwen said...

Maybe try something a little smaller for the treats. We would give Ellie a Skittle for going and a Starburst if she was dry in between potty times. My sister did stickers and then a candy treat if they pooped. Even now with an 8 year old I see the results of instant gratification are worth it. I'm the same way though. LOL!!! Good luck with potty training!! I can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

April said...

Good luck. I have noticed that when he is naked or in his underwear, Smiley uses the potty a lot more. I am also lazy about the consistency thing until i find something that works. Once again, good luck with it ALL.

Aubrey said...

Way to go on the potty training!

Temp tattoos worked for us. Also, stay away from auto flushing toilets!! LOL

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