Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Updates Schmupdates...

You guys are absolutely awesome! You all have such great advice! Its at times like this I'm so glad to have such great cyber-friends :) It goes a long way towards making up for not having any "uncyber" friends ;)
You all had really great suggestions for the whole potty/too much candy issue! If I would have known that the potty training was going to be so successful I would have started out with just little bits of candy from the get-go. So what I did was went out and bought a plastic see-through jar, got some paint and painted on it "Little Man's Big Boy Jar." And inside: I got those little snack baggies and put about 7 M&Ms in each one, and also on each one I wrote a little note like "Great Job," "Awesome," "What a big boy" etc... and he gets those when he pees, and I put a few Kit-Kats in there too for when he goes #2! He loves it and is back to doing pretty well! And has actually pooped in the potty once! So that is going well :)
And I am so glad to hear that your children have similar responsiblities and chores. We have never been ones for an allowance, but I'm guessing that if we offer an allowance for doing her chores, Tween will probably become more responsible and less attitudinal about her chores :)


April said...

It's amazing how good if feels to here so many people say "ya, been there too, here is what I did". I wish I had started blogging a long time ago.
YEA for him doing good with the potty!!!! Hopefully he is diaper free before the new little one arrives!!!

Denise said...

Potty training is different for everyone and every child. You do what works for your family.

As far as the chores for the tween... our 10 y/o alternates dishes with the teen and clearing off the dinner table. Both are also responsible for their room and taking out the trash. Not too much at all. Adopted or not, she has to feel like part of the family and that includes chores. Everybody has their "job".

Sorry, I'm late chiming in... but I like your blog so I will stalk you now. You're welcome LOL.

Merrie said...

I'm so glad it's working for you! :)

Becky said...

Gosh! If he poopied in the potty, you are half way there girl!!!!

~~Mel~~ said...

Glad to hear it all worked out with the potty training.

I still don't offer my little guy an allowance (he's almost 8) but I know tons of moms that start as early as 4 or 5...I guess it does keep kids motivated.

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