Monday, April 27, 2009

What a Week!!!

Ugh. I'm exhausted and just overwhelmed. This past week has been really rough.

Both of the little ones have been sick since last Monday or Tuesday. Baby girl got sick first. She threw up a few times, nothing of much concern, not running a fever or anything, but then the congestion kicked in and she was up ALL night for 2 nights. Congested so horribly that she was choking. Oh it was awful. But of course you aren't supposed to give them anything for it... we propped her up, took her in the bathroom with the shower going and rubbed her down with baby vicks... and she is finally starting to sound better today...

Then little man started with the vomiting on Thursday. And he was running a fever, a mild one of 100. He threw up everything for a couple of days. The real kicker for him was throwing up some 7up... after that I could not get him to drink anything! I tried absolutely everything. I have about 10 juice cups in my fridge full of everything from 3 different flavors of Gatorade, 2 different juices and 3 cups of pedialite... I even tried the pedialite popsicles. He took about 2 bites and said he didn't want it. I think the poor guy was afraid that if he drank something he would throw up again.

But unfortunately that meant that he was getting dehydrated. So we ended up having to force him to drink some pedialite. OMG. Thank God we don't have close neighbors because he pitched the biggest fit. My husband and I both had to hold him, and he was screaming like we were killing him or something. It was one of the worst experiences ever. And unfortunately he was taking the motrin in about the same manner: the first time making himself throw it back up. He will take tylenol fine, but will not take the motrin. Of course the tylenol was doing little for his fever... But now that he's doing better, I've given up on the Motrin.

Since the horrid experience of forcing him to drink, he's been drinking on his own. Phew! But after the 2 or so days of vomiting, he started in with the congestion... and a sore throat. We got those suckers for kids to help with sore throats, and of course he won't eat them... I swear we wasted probably about $100 on pedialite and suckers and medicines...

The amazing thing with little man's being sick: he is *still* using the potty!!!! The poor guy got up at 5:30am on Friday to go potty! But he was so sick he told me he didn't want the M&Ms :( you just know a kid is sick when they turn down candy!

And of course now that baby girl has been well enough to sleep through most of the night, little man has been up coughing several times the past couple of nights...

With all that going on, I had to fast and go in for the 3-hour glucose tolerance test on Friday... and I got the call this afternoon (ironically just after guiltily eating a brownie) that I do in fact have gestational diabetes. Which is pretty upsetting. I had to wait a while to call my husband and mom 'cause I didn't want to get upset on the phone. But luckily I don't have to take insulin. My Dr is going to try to control it through diet. But I have to start monitoring my blood glucose at home and stick to the diet.

The bad thing about that is that I just went yesterday and did all the grocery shopping for the next two weeks, and have hopefully enough money left for gas for the next two weeks... so I can't really go out and buy more food.

And of course the other major thing of concern is the Swine Flu! It's getting me a little freaked out. I was seriously almost thinking that my kids already had it -but they weren't running high fevers... But everyone around here has been sick and their kids have been sick. Its just scary. And the scariest thing about it is that I know my 12 year old does not wash her hands. I think the schools need to be talking to the kids. Funny how up until about 4th grade they line them up to wash hands when they come in from recess and before lunch, but then they assume that kids in 6th grade should know better. Um... not my 6th grader. I have to tell her every single night to wash her hands before dinner. If I don't tell her to, she won't do it. We had a long talk about it last night and I reminded her again this morning, but I just doubt it will do any good. If there are any confirmed cases in our state, we will probably keep her home.

Ugh. I just hope the rest of this week gets better :) For now, I seriously need to get caught up on dishes... with the 2 little ones being sick I haven't been able to do anything around the house.


Becky said...

OH my word! That sounds like you have had quite the week! you poor poor thing! At least you are at the tail end of it, and the are getting better now. And little man is still using the potty!!!! YAY~!!!!! That is fantastic!

April said...

What a week from hell! I sure hope this one goes better for yall.

Mommy In Pink said...

What a week, I hope everyone is feeling better soon! Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Oh the swine flu totally has me freaked out too.

I'm sorry about the diabetes. I hope you are able to monitor it and control it easily.

Hopefully your house is healthy soon!

~~Mel~~ said...

You sure have had alot going on! I've been ignorant to the whole swine flu hype...I know that we should all be washing our hands more...beyond that there is nothing to do to prevent it...but it is freaky...the less I know the better.

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