Tuesday, October 27, 2009


? I have nothing. Or too much. I get overwhelmed entirely too easily and just give up. It's been one of those days. Again. I think everyday is one of those days.

I've been in the same pjs for probably 5 days now. I've lost count. Thank God we don't have neighbors or friends ;)

My 12 year old daughter asked me if she could stay the night with her girlfriend and 2 boys next weekend. Um. Not a chance in hell. Nice try though. Now I'm re-thinking her attendance at the school's Halloween dance.

We let Little Man stay up late and watch the new Transformers movie last night. He kept us up last night talking about how his butt doesn't have a gun. ?? Did I miss something? Did one of the transformers have a butt-gun? I don't know where he comes up with this stuff. He was still talking about it this morning. But Mom, my butt doesn't have a gun. Not sure whether he considers that a good or bad thing. Sorry kid, your butt will hopefully never have a gun. Now I'm re-thinking letting him watch anything.

And now my 5 minutes of relative peace and quiet has been spent...back to the chaos...


Scottish Lass said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I read your first two posts - it was like reading about me. Isn't it interesting how you think you're the only one until you really start being honest and find out lots of people feel the way you do.
Relationships are hard. Adding kids makes it crazy hard.
Dealing with grief, loneliness, frustration, exhaustion while being responsible for kids - too hard.
I hope you'll start doing something lovely for yourself at least once a week.
I hope you'll find some way to express your grief over your miscarriage(s).
I hope you'll find a way to find joy in your life so you can want to have fun with those around you.
I hope knowing you are making connections and helping others with their lives by writing this blog makes you feel less lonely.
I'm really glad to have found this blog.

Amy said...

Maybe he was talking about Astro Boy? Was there a preview for that before the movie?

Becky said...

LOL~ I wish my butt had a gun:)

Hattie said...

My 4 yr old has been running around talking about how he wishes he had a gun in his butt. I think it's b/c of Astro Boy. So don't worry you're not alone in the problem w/ the butt gun!!!

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