Friday, December 12, 2008

Good News Bad New Edition

So the good news is that hubby gets a x-mas bonus! Yippee!! :) We weren't expecting it, so its awesome. Its not a lot, but better than the 0 we were expecting!

The bad news is that all semester I've been waiting for this lady to leave her job because I want it! She finally announced that she was leaving a couple of weeks ago and I had been anxiously checking the website daily for the job posting. Hubby found out today that they decided to do away with her position. I'm seriously bummed. While I really love being a stay at home mommy, I plan on going back to work someday. There are seriously limited jobs in my field around here. We talked about it and decided that I should go ahead and apply for it because who knows when another job like that would come up. It was all for naught. I'm so disappointed. Oh well, I guess I wasn't meant to go back to work yet. So I guess I will have enough time for bloggy stuff ;)

Still madly crocheting ;) almost done with that last girl hat - got sidetracked with laundry yesterday, so didn't work on it as much as I'd hoped. And I forgot I have one more niece hat to do - oops. So 7 total left. At least the boy hats will be really quick and easy... ugh.. ;) next year I will be starting so much earlier!


Rachel said...

Wooohoo on the bonus!

I am sure you will find another job!

April said...

I'm glad he's getting a bonus. Good luck with the job.

Anonymous said...

Yea on the bonus! What field were you in?

Saundra@An Italian Mama Gone Crazy said...

Yeah! Good news!!

I thought I just read that you were grading papers and were a teacher?

LazyCrazyMama said...

@ MamaNeena & Saundra: Yes, I am a teacher (English at a Community College), but right now I'm only teaching very part time - 1 class a semester.

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