Thursday, December 11, 2008

Right Around the Corner

I can't believe how quickly Christmas is closing in on me! In a week and a couple of days we will be making the 4 hour trek once again to pick up my step-daughter for xmas! Time is going by unbelievably fast! And I haven't even started my xmas shopping yet! I think the hubby and I are going to go out on Monday as he has Monday's off. And who wants to go shopping on the weekends so close to xmas?? You couldn't drag me.

The worst thing is that I'm very behind on my xmas crocheting! I usually start in October and still am madly crocheting up till the last minute... but most of the time that's additional gifts that I decide to make... This year I am making hats for all the neices and nephews (we have 20!!). I have one girl hat left to make, and I've only made one boy hat (6 more to go!). Then of course there are 3 additional hats I wanted to make for various other people... but that may not get done this year.

All this is to say that if I'm not around, just know that I'm sitting around crocheting my butt off! ;) Or playing catchup with the dishes and laundry... I'm just finally finishing Sunday's laundry today! At least this Sunday there won't be as many loads! ;)

And also, next week is finals week for the college I'm teaching at. So next week I will probably be grading makeup work like a madwoman! I need to enforce my late work policy! ;) I was slammed with makeup work at mid-terms, and I know I will be slammed again with makeup work on Monday! I'm too much of a pushover. But I really like all my students, and want to see them succeed.


Aubrey said...

Ok, you are WAY to busy LazyCrazyMama! Wow. Be sure to take a little time for you here and there!

April said...

Thats a lot of hats. I don't know how you do it all!

Anonymous said...

I know, I am SOOOOO behind on my scarf knitting. Every other year everyone and their mother gets a scarf from me. This year-I'm too busy blogging!

Rachel said...

Good to hear from you. I can't sew a button so hats off to you!!!

Becky said...

Holy cow! Why you call yourself Lazy, I'll never know!

Pregger TJ said...

ew laundry...don't remind me! LOL i feel like i've got tons on my plate before x-mas too, but i'm not sure i REALLY do...i think i just may be lazy & un-motivated. LOL

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