Thursday, November 19, 2009

And Now We've Discovered the Screaming!

Lazy Baby has taken to screaming.

A week or so ago he started screaming in delight. It was beautiful. He would watch Baby Girl or Little Man whiz by his exersaucer and scream because he was so excited. I'm sure he can't wait to join them in their running through the living rooms like banshees.

Then he started offering up a little scream or two when he was getting bored or tired or just wanted to be picked up. It was kind of cute, a little funny. It was like a little warning signal. Um, get me now or I'm going to start really crying!

Now, he has realized the full power of the scream.

Over the past few days he has used that power pretty much exclusively.

He will fuss a little, for about ten seconds or so, and then move right on to the scream.

And I'm not talking little scream.

I'm talking ear-splitting, blood-curdling, I'm being axe-murdered scream.

Thank God we don't have neighbors.

Otherwise I'm sure they would have called the authorities. Because screams like that could only indicate mass carnage.

It's amazing how ear-piercing a scream from an almost 5 month old can be.

Lazy Baby totally has my number.

And he sure doesn't hesitate to use it.

He's absolutely incorporated that shrill scream into his nightly colic episodes. At least they aren't lasting as long these days.

I feel like such a meanie when I laugh at him. But who could help laughing at such serious screams coming from such a little guy.

He's just lucky he's so darn cute ;) Wouldn't trade my screaming banshee for anything :)



this is exactly why God made the babies so cute

Helene said...

One of my kids had a piercing scream like that too when he was Lazy Baby's age. I hate to tell you that it only gets worse!

~~Mel~~ said...

Oh boy...I hope the screaming phase doesn't last too long! Good thing he's a cutie!

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