Thursday, July 23, 2009


Let's just say things have been a little crazy around here. A little crazier than normal.

I'm re-learning, yet again, how to do everything one handed.

Last week was my husband's first week back to work. I was home alone with 5 children. With 2 of them being 12 (we have my step-daughter for a couple of months in the summer), I did have some help looking after the 1 1/2 year old and the 3 1/2 year old, as well as having help with all those diaper changes.

But this week? The two 12-year olds went to camp, and I was all by myself with 3 kids under 4. Day one there were only a few chaotic moments. All told, it wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. Amazingly, I think the two older girls' behavior affects the two toddlers. They had been behaving awful, fighting over everything and acting crazy... but things with them two were quite a bit calmer with the two older girls out of the house. (Tweenie and Step-Tweenie just do not get along, they fight over absolutely anything and everything, and are constantly bickering and doing stuff to each other).

Anyway, Day 2: I had scheduled for a tree service to come remove a rotten branch from our tree that was hanging right over the sandbox and swingset. I was a little anxious about having them come while I was home alone with 3 little ones - thinking about having to be outside for a few minutes or more... I figured I would take the baby with me and pop in a dvd for the other 2.

That morning my husband decided to call in to work. Thank God! What I had been anxious about would have been the least of my worries. One of the guys that came was a total creep!! I was so glad that my husband was home!! Not only that, but my husband had to move the sandbox and take the slide off the swingset and lower the flag pole to get it all out of the way... I wouldn't have been able to do any of that.

Then... creepy tree guy had to come in to use the bathroom. I was busy with the kids, but my husband said that the guy was checking everything out. I totally sanitized the bathroom. And with the guy scoping things out - my husband decided to take a few more vacation days, and we promoted the big dog that sleeps on the porch to the big dog that sleeps in the kitchen. And we are actually using our door alarms, and keeping the doors locked during the day...


April said...

Sounds hectic! I think it was a good idea to take those precautions.

Jenn said...

I don't blame u I hate it when men have to be here for any reason when my husband isn't home.

Becky said...

I would totally call the tree companey and complain! Omg!! That sounds awful to have to be dealing with that on top of everything else!

(By the descript of lazy baby say he was born JAN, and you meant to type JUNE)

~~Mel~~ said...

You're here...and still sane? lol. That's very admirable...I know if I had to deal with that many kids on a daily basis I'd be in the nut house by now!

Peterson Family said...

Not to be mean to anyone, but I don't like strangers in my house! (And luckily I can use the excuse of the dog, because our dog hates everyone until they sit down and he can climb on them and give them kisses!) I would call the tree service too. Tell them that it made you uncomfortable. I have a friend who does contractor work and he says it is against their company policy to ask to use the restroom when they are working or to ask for something to drink! (They are supposed to do that before they get there!!)

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