Thursday, July 9, 2009

I've Really Lost It!!

Have you ever had something important just vanish into thin air??

Lazy baby's cord fell off on the 4th of July, sometime between his last diaper change in the middle of the night and the next morning. I know it was there at that last diaper change because I thought about dabbing it with alcohol, but decided against it, 'cause I figured it would make him cry and wake someone up... In the morning it was just gone. I had him in a nightgown (so much easier for diaper changes those first couple of weeks). Apparently it must have fallen out of his nightgown.

I looked through everything. I checked all the diapers 3 times! I checked and re-checked the two or three nightgowns he'd had on (even though I knew it came off in the one he had on)... I checked all the bassinette sheets, under the pad, all the blankets, etc... I swept the kitchen floor, I scoured the bed... I have periodically, continually and methodically checked absolutely everywhere that I can think of and then some!

My husband said that such a think could only happen to me. Which is probably true. But there was no warning - with the other two the cord started slipping away gradually. With Lazy Baby I think his nightgown or diaper must have snatched it off.

The thing about it is that our family is American Indian and it is tradition in my husband's tribe to make a beaded ornament with the umbilical cord. I saved Little Man's and Baby Girl's cords. (Also, I save everything anyway!). So Lazy Baby is going to be missing something important.

I think the only one that isn't missing something is Baby Girl. With Little Man, he is missing his commemorative footprints from the hospital (they were in a big hurry to get us out and forgot about it, and with all the rush I didn't think about it until the following day), and his birth announcement in the paper. And with him I never sent out birth announcements...

I guess Baby Girl is missing one thing - I never thought to have her birth announcement put in the tribal newspaper. I guess that will be the one thing that Lazy Baby has that neither of the other two had. But will it make up for the loss of his cord??


~~Mel~~ said...

I'm sorry that you lost something that means so much...hopefully you find it eventually...although I don't think Lazy Baby will miss out too much if it doesn't turn up.

Becky said...

I'm sorry it got lost, but I don't think you could of helped it! Those things do happen.
At least you have been consistant is forgetting one thing with each child, lol!
We saved our kids umbilical cord stub when it fell off, but we are not American Indian, my husband is just gross, lol! We keep it in their baby book. It is nice to hear that it is really something other people do!!!

anymommy said...

That's so funny because the exact same thing happened here a few days ago. N lost his cord stump overnight and I couldn't find it anywhere. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...I know this is gross...but if you have a dog, I'm gonna guess it ate it.

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